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Why am I still playing Gears of War 3

Recently starting at around October of last year, I decided to buy another operating Xbox 360 and delve back into a few of the exclusives that made owning the 360 worth it.  I know that up to now the 360’s crazy era of havin...


Rekindling with Dragon Age.

(Epic-Kx, here.  Changed my name to TheSilkiest because a) I'm trying to use this handle more, and b) see a.) I can admit with an open conscience that I don’t really feel a lot towards earlier titles that were made by Biowar...


Some Jumbled Thoughts Regarding #GamerGate

Disclosure:  I am neither for nor against whatever the hell’s going on in that consumer movement.   I’m going to give both sides the benefit of doubt and assume that their intentions are genuine.  That their ...


Ten things you didn't know about me. Probably.

Here's ten things regarding Destructoid.com community member Epic-Kx. � 10: �I've lived in Six States so far. I was born in Chicago, Illinois. �From there, living on the city's south side, I experienced my first twelve years of life there...


Some musings on Videogame Writing

(So I'm really getting back into the groove of my writting. I know this isn't much but It's something I kind of wanted to get out. So here I guess. :P) When it comes to writing a game or an interactive piece of media, there are three ke...


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