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Thank you Tony for bringing this to my attention. And no guys, this is not an April Fool's thing... I think I'm gonna buy a copy myself just to give it a look see. Certified Gamer Moment.


Mass (2021). A fucking masterpiece, of just four people in a room talking and healing. Give it a watch, and go in blind. Ann Dowd is a treasure, and Jason Isaacs is revelatory here.


Also, we can't have Bloodborne 2 because Gaj keeps buying copies of Knack & Knack 2, keeping this mediocre franchise alive.


Phil Spencer is a Cool Ranch guy I'm pretty sure.


How dare memes attack me like this... My back does feel sorta stiff though.


Prins sent me this gorgeous artwork she found on twitter, and I just simply adore it. God I fucking love this game and it's community.


So lads - Elden Ring has Illusory Floors. Found my first last night! Better start checking those dungeon floors.


I'm so happy they included Detroit in Elden Ring.


Found out today that the development team behind Elden Ring was made up of mostly the Dark Souls 2 team... Suddenly it makes sense why things are the way they are, especially in relation to what I've heard about the late game.


Elden Ring has passed 12 Million Units sold worldwide. That's exceptional and I'm so happy for FromSoftware. This game is so damn special that it deserves all the success coming it's way.


Not all construction work is created equal my dudes. Drilling a hole in the ground is boring. Fastening pieces of metal together though? Riveting.


Playing Elden Ring so much has really spoiled me. Currently playing through Horizon and nothing about the combat or world feels as interesting as the combat and world of The Lands Between.


Taking a break from Elden Ring to play something else for a bit I think. Knowing just how MUCH grinding there is right now, I want to set aside a Saturday or Sunday to focus on that alone. So on to Horizon for the rest of the week!


I'm back from Miami and my belated birthday haul photo is mandatory


Thank you all for the birthday wishes and love. I spent yesterday getting fat on sushi, tanned on the beach, and drunk in the bar. You've shown me why I have loved being a part of this community for 7 years, and y'all are stuck with me for the long-term.


Hope everyone enjoys Dark Souls: Death of the Wild this weekend. Eagerly anticipating getting to it and I feel just like a kid all over again. I'll be seeing you in The Lands Between fellow Tarnished.


On Friday I'll be wading through monster-filled swampland, exploring dangerous townships,, and fending off rotting beasts in a land torn asunder. Then next Friday I'll be back from Florida and can finally play Elden Ring.


Man those Elden Ring reviews. I have gone FromSoft to hard in a matter of a few readings


I won't be around for two weeks. Hope y'all have fun.


Elmo Todd: The Demon Muppet of Sesame Street


An announcement from Capcom is due on the 21st Feb. Time for more Dino Crisis Disappointment baybay!


Happy Day of Affection you beautiful bastards. Have a selfie as I contemplate which of you gets your Valentine's Day gift first.


I am Jack's hatred of ties on ceiling fans


On the one hand, I'm going to Miami in two weeks for a holiday. On the other, I leave the same day Elden Ring comes out. Why yes, I am tempted to call it off just to play a video game, much to the disapproval of my girlfriend.


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