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That new episode of The Last of Us is beautiful. Just beautiful. Using the song 'On the Nature of Daylight' should be considered cheating because it never fails to make me cry.


Finished The Medium. What an ugly, nasty little game that is. When it's not sympathising with sexual predators, it's actively telling people with trauma that maybe 'you are beyond saving.' The below trophy tells you what it's stance is on mental health.


Watch the new Last of Us episode with headphones. Makes it so so tense. The sound design is incredibly crisp and astoundingly intimate - Hats off to the foley artists and mixers out there, because stuff like this shows how important you are.


Oh yeah. That was some good fucking stuff right there. Craig Mazin & Druckmann nailed it. I need the second episode immediately.


The wrestling news saddens me. Current status.


Saw a post earlier about Evil Dead Rise. That movie looks fuckin' groovy.


Started playing Saturnalia, an Italian horror game but the art style makes me motion sick. So I'm replaying Catherine instead. As for multiplayer, I've been roped into Gundam & Elden Ring Co-op which I'm really enjoying. Hope y'all are enjoying '23 so far


Citizen Sleeper done and dusted, and an easy 9-10/10 for me. A solid adventure game that focuses on people just surviving the day to day. My ending felt satisfying even if it was somewhat bittersweet. But those types of endings are sometimes the best.


Thank you Renaud for sharing this meme regarding Twatty Tate. I can now sleep tonight knowing my team meeting in January won't be about him. Time to play some Citizen Sleeper and have some Bailey's and never think of him again.


Best movies of the year below. Aftersun takes the top spot; beautiful, dream-like, with outstanding cinematography and a gorgeous look at who we believe our parents to be, contrasted with who they really are.


These two bad boys can fit so much exceptional TV into their runtime. The Bear is Uncut Gems in a Chicago sandwich shop. Severance is Office Space by way of Stepford Wives. Give 'em a watch with your time off. They are my pick for TV of the Year.


Showed my girlfriend Klaus for the first time. Yes we both cried twice, and yes, we will probably cry again next year when we rewatch it. That movie is always a 5/5 for me.


So my steam wishlist includes Dwarf Fortress & Factorio now, and pay day is approaching. I fear for my spare time.


Tried watching the Muppets Christmas Carol with my partner to show it to her for the first time. I say tried, because it turns out she hated it so I had to turn it off halfway through. Can't win 'em all.


So that's God of War Ragnarok done. Better bosses, better story, better characters, better combat but atrocious pacing. An incredible experience that is easily up there with Elden Ring & Stanley Parable in the 'Best of the Year.' 10/10 despite the flaws


Was sick, so couldn't join in the GotY live thread. Looking through the announcements and it seems there isn't really anything that tickles my fancy, but I'm glad y'all enjoyed the snark as per!


That Digital Foundry review of the new Pokémon games is fucking brutal, and incredibly damning. A really well done analysis. Also, happy Thanksgiving to all you 'mericans, may your food coma be long and restful!


I'll be skipping Pokémon this time due to the increasingly lowering standards of the games, but I hope those that get it enjoy it, the starters this time round all looke cute as heck.


Update: Ragnarok is very very VERY good. But if I see one more fucking [redacted] puzzle in the realm of [redacted] I'm going to fucking lose it. A teensy tiny spoiler (non-story related) in the comments.


Kirby and the Forgotten Land is done and dusted. Overall a decent if unmemorable platformer. Solid 6-7/10 and would definitely recommend to people looking for something cute and casual to play around Christmas time.


Ragnarok tomorrow. Two days booked off for it and in so excited. Then next month, I'll be grabbing Sonic Frontiers which will be my second ever Sonic game after playing Sonic Boom. Here's hoping it's good.


We raised over $300 for ExtraLife last night. Nuzlocke was fun, company was brilliant, Torch forced me to get even better at Pokémon by murdering half my team... Fun night overall


Feel free to join our Pokémon Nuzlocke here: tinyurl.com/watchlfp


Prins, Frosty & Myself will al be doing an ExtraLife Nuzlocke Race stream of Pokemon Platinum. Come watch my two friends absolutely demolish me at my favourite Pokemon game.


Persona 5 Royal speaking to Boxman, upon realising he doesn't have multiple saves in a JRPG.


I have time booked off to play God of War Ragnarok next week. Haven't done that since Bloodborne seven years ago. With the exceptionally positive reviews I am so so excited to get my hands on it. Bring it on baby.


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