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Hairbrained Schemes is bringing back BATTLETECH


Hairbrained Schemes, creators of Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall, and the upcoming Shadowrun: Hong Kong just announced their return to Kickstarter to fund BATTLETECH, based on the BattleTech setting. For those who don't know, BattleTech was a richly detailed setting of human interstellar expansion and warfare, fought primarily by building-sized walking tanks called 'Mechs. BattleTech transitioned to the PC with a series of Mechwarrior games, many of which formed the bulk of my teenaged PC gaming experiences. BATTLETECH, like the Shadowrun games, will blend old-school gaming with modern finesse as you manage 'Mechs, Mechwarriors, and turn-based tactical combat.

The Kickstarter is slated for Fall 2015. You can learn more at http://battletechgame.com/

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