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"Fury Road" ruined Fallout for me

  I've seen Mad Max: Fury Road three times now. I think that makes me the Rictus Erectus to Hideo Kojima's Immortan Joe. The movie has put me on a Post-Apocalyptic genre kick, and I was amp'ed up by the announcement of Fallout 4. But ...


"Pixels" Doesn't Matter, MovieBob

"MovieBob" Chipman is someone I've watched for a few years, because I find his opinions on certain subjects to run parallel with my own. I watch him for the same reason I watch Jim Sterling or Linkara or "Boots to Reboots" with Andy; becau...


Metroid Devoid

Metroid: Federation Force is due out in 2016, the first Metroid game to hit shelves since Metroid: Other M in 2010. And while Federation Force might be fun, I have to ask: where the @$*# are the "Metroidvania"-style Metroid games? Zero Mis...


Earthbound was the best Mother

When Earthbound was released back in 1995, I got a copy because it looked so strange. Then I fell in love with its quirky personality and unique style. I still remember the smell of those scratch n' sniff stickers. I loved Belch and Starma...


We Deserve More Dead Space

When Dead Space 3 hit shelves in 2013, the future of the franchise was already in question. Months of questionable development news did not sit well with the series’ established fans. Micro-transactions and a cover-based mechanic sta...


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