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Bought LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and Undertale yesterday! Started LEGO a few hours ago and I'm having so much fun! I'm not great at using my keyboard, but this is fun without being too stressful.


I saw the news about Laura and the UK team leaving Destructoid. Makes me kind of sad, even though I didn't look too much at her Dtoid content. Hope she'll be all right financially. <3


Finally watching Spider-Man 2. It starts off so serious holy shit. That opening music is so fucking awesome. Yessssss.


So some dudes from my college made a group for competitive Smash, and I'm the only woman in it currently. ...I...I can't even play Smash, guys how did this happen


Just finished watching the first Spider-Man movie (the 2002 one, with Tobey Mc-Dorkster). I forgot how wonderful it was. Especially the music. Danny Elfman did a freaking stellar job with the music. 12/10 Sam Raimi, nice one.


Geez, reading more about the downfall of the ForceCast. What an ungraceful, tragic end to a cool thing.


Any Hearthstone players do the Tavern Brawl this week? It's really fun, if a bit slow.


I just got a gaming mouse for free from a peer at school and I'm curious about trying something new. My partner says that Heroes of the Storm is really good and that I should try it. Are they right or nah?


May the world never forget the best role that Alan Rickman ever played. You shall be avenged!!


Started listening to the interview of Jim Sterling by Digital Homicide. This is so very, very cringe-y and I absolutely love it. So much cringe-y bullshit. <3


tfw you've been working all day to get the 100 gold you need for a new pack of cards in Hearthstone and they're all either cards for classes you don't play or just shit cards...


Got into Super Hexagon a couple days ago (like 3 years late to the party), and I did pretty well on Hexagon and Hexagoner mode, so I tried out Hexagonest and holy fUCK WHAT DID I JUST EXPERIENCE I DIED IN 2 SECONDS


Starting to do some deck-building in Hearthstone. Pretty fun so far, even though I lose a fuckton.


An hour and a half later, and I've unlocked all the classes in Hearthstone. It's 4:30. My eyes are burning like they're made out of wasabi... But I'll be damned if that wasn't the most fun I've had gaming in a long while. Go Hearthstone! \O/


Just started Hearthstone. Beat the 5 practice campaigns with a Mage deck! And it was fun too! I think I've found a good game for me \O/


Today, I was talking with a friend about video game music and how amazing it can be. What's your favorite video game tunes, Dtoid? Personally, I love Nobuo Uematsu's work for Final Fantasy. It's just so grandiose and breathtaking.


Tried my hand at Risk of Rain today, since it's been sitting in my Steam library 5ever. Super fun gameplay, but hard for my short stubby fingers to play :c


Ohai D-Toid. This is my first quickpost. I've watched nothing but Jimquisition for the past two weeks. His voice is burned into my psyche. send help


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