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About TheGrandSirPiggyone of us since 4:19 PM on 10.01.2015

Just a chubby little piggy trying to get his writing seen and his oinking heard, a little piggy who managed to escape the dreaded Romanian meat industry for close to 19 years now!

My gaming addiction started when I was about 7 years old, when my father brought home an old, but very much functional NES (well, I later found out the big white box was an NES, all of us called it a "game on the teli"... That`s early post communism romanian tech awareness for you). With it came an early Mario game, an Adam`s family game and a really fun stone age one(can`t recall the name of any of the cartridges, they were all thrown into the river for taking up to much space... Ahhh!How I miss my early childhood! Just a little jab, my childhood was amazing. I was one of the few kids privileged enough to even have a "game on the teli") Despite all this, my love for games persisted up until now and is stronger than ever!

My favorite genres are(in no particular order)as follows: platformers/puzzle platformes, strategy(particularly TB ones, can thank HOMM3 for that) and RPGs.

I do have other interests, besides video games, such as: books, biking, cinema, anime and manga.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Now that we got all that out the way, sit back, relax and enjoy... THE BLOG!