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An Apology to a Fellow Dtoider


For those of you who don't know, I recently joined the recap team for the Destructoid community blogs, and my recap from this past Friday was met with some controversy. And by “controversy” I mean “a couple people didn't appreciate my (fake) policy.” When I posted by first recap, I put a GamerGate blog under the Failtoid section with a description to the effect of “I don't know much about GamerGate, but I know I'm sick of reading about it.” That became a running gag that I've done ever since.

Well, I kept the gag going last week and the author of said blog was not pleased. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to Code Name Crono. For those of you that have seen me around the Cblogs or read my writing, you know that I am two things: 1) a man of strong faith, and 2) one of the most positive and upbeat people you'll see hanging around Dtoid. Because of those two things, my character is very important to me, and even if you believe I have nothing to apologize for, I feel like I do.

This is less a matter of “being the bigger man,” and more a matter of righting a wrong I feel I've made. The blog I'm referring to is actually a very well-written piece that I wound up not giving the proper credit to as a result of continuing a personal gag, and for that, I apologize, and would like to encourage anyone who overlooked this particular blog on account of me placing it in the “Failtoid” section of the recaps to give it a read. Those of you who know me know that nothing I say or write here on Destructoid, whether it be a blog of mine or a comment I make on someone else's, is done so with vindictiveness or malice.

So, again, I encourage you to read this piece from Code Name Crono, and in the future I will look at the big picture and place blogs where I feel they need to be, rather than placing them according to a personal joke.



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