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10 Things You Didn't Know About TheDustinThomas

I'm just following the crowd here. Also, I like to write list-based blogs, so shut up and stop judging me. Anyway, I'm no one super special here on DToid (I'm only moderately to semi-special), but I do love this community, and I like the idea of letting everyone in on some personal stuff for those who are interested. So, here it goes.

1. I spent 10 years as a professional wrestler.

Okay, so this is probably the one thing that most DToiders know about me if you've read any of my blogs in the past. I just recently retired due to life happening, also, extreme back pain. I was blessed enough to step in the ring with some childhood heroes, as well as some of the best wrestlers in the world today. Without question, my favorite moment of my career was wrestling Tatanka back in 2007, dude was completely awesome. At one point in time, my future looked promising, but then some backstage stuff happened and I became disillusioned with the wrestling business and sort of lost interest. I no longer enjoyed traveling all the time when I could be sitting on the couch playing videogames with my wife. So really, it was life, back pain, and loss of interest in the lifestyle that caused me to make the decision.

Fun fact, I once had a street fight match and used my Powerglove as a weapon. No one in the crowd understood it.

Anyway, like I said, I retired recently (October to be exact), and it was probably the best match of my career against my best friend. Here it is if you wanna take a gander.

I grew up a very picky eater. Some of the foods I love now I would never have eaten as a kid. I pretty much subsisted on hot dogs, Little Debbie brownies, and Pepsi throughout my childhood and teenage years. But even though I've grown out of that, I still will not eat a hamburger. Let me rephrase that: I've taken a bite of hamburger, but never swallowed a bite. I just can't do it, I think ground beef is disgusting. I love steak, which is from the same animal, but I can't do burgers.

I remember one time as a kid, my mom made a pizza for us, and she put pieces of hamburger on it and told me it was sausage (another beef product I love). I took one bite, spit it out, pointed at it and said "That's not sausage" before putting the plate down and walking out. My mom had betrayed me...I eventually forgave her though.

So yeah, that's TheDustinThomas in a nutshell.
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Greetings and salutations.

TheDustinThomas here, you probably don't know me, but I write things here on Destructoid from time to time. Occasionally I get on the front page:

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I'm also the host of a pretty sexy gaming podcast that I do with a couple buddies of mine. You can download and subscribe to it here. You should totally do that.

All of my games writing you can find on DToid, but I also write about other things on my personal blog. Here's my top 5 most read blogs:

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You may notice that most of those blogs are somehow related to pro wrestling. Why? Because I spent 10 years as a professional wrestler before retiring in October 2013 due to back injuries. I actually wasn't too bad.

A bit about me? Well, obviously I love to write. It's not a paying gig yet, but I'm certainly trying to make that happen.

I'm a happily married man, and my wife is smokin' hot.

I have a huge, manly beard.

God comes first in my life above all else. I'm a leader at my church, as well as the head of our media department.

I've been a metalhead pretty much my entire life.

I'm also a die hard fan of The Simpsons.

Other miscellaneous fact.

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