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About to finish up Biomutant's platinum, probably by end of the weekend. Any recommendations on a new platinum to go for? Thinking something on a medium kind of difficulty and more towards a shooter or RPG to keep me going for a little.


Started going through Heroland, if you're looking for a grind to platinum then this may be a game for you!


I really can't decide what to rock next for gaming. I was thinking Biomutant, any community members play through it yet?


Another Platinum down, finished Risk of Rain 2 yesterday in a crazy deep run. One of my games of the year for sure!


One this I have learned over E3, is that my wallet is about to get a lot lighter... What has been your favourite drop so far?


Started 2 new games, Slay the Spire and Risk of Rain 2, both are amazing so far, look for some review blogs next week!


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