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A Package From Funktastic

I'm not gay. Now that we've got that straightened out, let me give you a little context! As you know, the always delightful Jonathan "Funktastic" Lee went on a little trip to Japan recently, and I gave him a bit of a hand with some of the ...


Yakuza 3 Confirmed for the West?

Look, there aren't too many franchises that I'm utterly in love with. The Ryu Ga Gotoku/Yakuza franchise is one of them. The story is fantastic (even with the poor localization in the first game), the characters are believable, the graphic...


[Shortblog] So they're doing a Halo anime...

It appears that Microsoft's newly announced Halo-centric branch, 343 Industries, has set up a deal with a a number of well renowned anime studios to create a series of 7 short films based around the Halo universe. The project will be call...


Joy! KOF XII coming to PS3!

I wish I could add something incredibly witty or exciting here, but I'm just really happy that this is coming out. SUMMER 2009 BABY! This is a fantastic year for fighting games.


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