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Please Peruse Pixels Please

Ahoy hoy community! Hope you're all having a corking new year so far, full of fabby fun and marvelisimous larks. Here is to all the celebrations and good cheer! Drink drink, fan fan, rub rub. Now, onward to other things. It being a new y...


Book Reviews: Jam

Yahtzee's latest will have you loving spiders and hating sandwiches. All right, so the internet's favourite non-Sterling shaped curmudgeon has released his difficult second album-sorry, novel- to (it would appear) little fanfare. Thus, it ...


Dragons you guys, Dragons!

I love dragons. Let's just get that out right off the bat. Love em. Not in a scary internet way of course, in a kinder, gentler, more awed and excited socially acceptable way. I'm writing this as I glance over to the pre-owned Spyro Skyl...


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This is my blog. It's sarcastic nine months of the year and ill-informed the other three. The blogs posted here are backward and confused. The one who posts them even more so. The only upside are the links. While other places have ponies or memes this blog has...


Currently enjoying some classic Squaresoft JRPGs as well as the stuff I got for Christmas.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is the best title of any game I've never played.

Eat more fruit!