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Damn I didn't expect everyone to make a cohost page so fast aaaa I just improvised a quick tutorial video hope it could be useful to anyone?? Edit: Bump #3, this can be used as an anchor too to post your page!


I feel sorry for Cohost staff having quite the bot vetting queue to go through lately haha. Please bear if it takes a few days to be able to post on there, I didn't expect to start something this big 🥲


And now, to wait until there's a PC version of Final Fantasy XVI.............................


Finally ended up trying out the start of Tears of the Kingdom with my brother's copy, and it confirmed to me that I'll skip this one! Which is good in a way, FFXIV is already taking so much of my free time as is haha


Mirama's title screen illustration is finished! I'm so happy with how it came out guys you have no idea 🥹 Bump!


Sheesh the Aetherochemical Research Facility in FFXIV is like... Absurdly hard. Finally got through it after 60 minutes of wiping. Has anyone here struggled with it as well?


Very cool and good seeing forest fires increase in frequency and severity thorough my life while we keep doing less than the strict minimum about climate change


The one video game I brought with me to Japan was Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and while that's still a great time, I'd completely forgotten how strange the balancing is in that game haha. You end up overpowered without even trying.


There aren't any comments on the blog, but I'm asking just in case -- did anyone try out the build of Mirama in my last dev blog? If so, what did you think?


Back from my trip! Time away from the internet really does the soul some good


New blog, got this one out just in time before my trip tomorrow! Link in the comments ^^ Morning bump!


It's hard to take a good screenshot during dungeoning, but The Vault in FFXIV was so incredibly pretty (especially for a PS3-era game) that I had to give it a try! Love me some extremely saturated orange sunsets.


Before I lose y'all to Zelda, figured I'd share a quick gif of things I've been working on recently to smooth out the chapter 1 demo. I know it's a month late, but I'll try my best to write a new dev blog update this weekend! bump!


I've just been devouring the Heavensward main story, biig leap forward in quality from ARR. Can't believe I waited this long to give FF14 a fair shake.


Beat ARR yesterday! Holy moly what a crazy good ending... On to Heavensward!


I've had to suffer YouTube without adblock on my phone for the last two days and I need to find a solution *stat*. I think I must have seen a triple digit amount of Honkai Star Rail ads already


Waaait a minute, just found out about this game that looks goated with the sauce (as the kids say)! Very old-school Persona vibes


ocatg shared with me their in-progress work for a group illustration of the Mirama crew and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm so happy!! Art in the comments, bump!


Watched LoadingReadyRun play Dandân today, and learning there's a fish-themed Magic the Gathering format, I had no chance but to give it a try! Think I outdid myself with these, isn't the resemblance just uncanny?


Got a bit of spare change, and want to make someone's day? I have something to propose in the comments. Edit: Final bump, Bandcamp Friday edition!


Took me this long to add a debug mode to Mirama because, because I know what I'm doing (has no idea what he's doing)


Person Tasked With Making Boss Fight for an MMO Where People Cosplay as Cat Girls and Perform Despacito for the Amusement of Strangers Accidentally Creates Transcendent Piece of Gameplay


Making some good progress in FFXIV! Switched to White Mage and, while it's not as exciting in Solo (plus it asks me to suspend my disbelief more in cutscenes) the job really shines for me during dungeons. Current status:


Ended up making a teleportation transition that I'm genuinely happy about tonight! Who knew all I ever needed was to start using 3D models in my lil engine?


New blog just dropped, new blog just dropped. This one's about the internet! Link in thread. Bunp!


Sure hope this Jason Rainville art for Magic the Gathering is going to end up on a memorable card, it's been a lil while since I've been wowed like this! I might hunt down a print.


Chapter 2 of Mirama, Demers Mining Co, is going to be significantly less linear than the Temple of the Precursor... So I was curious to know your take on how you prefer your adventure game cameras. Questions in the thread! Morning bump!


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