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So I made a couple destructoid cards

Strider makes some cool cards for some cool people, but he can't really be expected to have the time to make one for everyone. I made one for my own profile and then decided to make a couple for other dtoiders while I'm at it...


My hot opinions on Fire Emblem Fates

played: Conquest version (Normal/Classic) Let it be known, I’m not the biggest Fire Emblem fan, but I really do like the series overall. Like many, the GBA titles were my introduction to the series. Following those came Path of Radiance...


Making a case for difficulty

[Alternate title: The follow-up to the blog with the unfortunate title] There was an article recently about Panga's newest Mario Maker level. The responses were... surprising to me to say the least. For those who don't know, Panga is a spe...


Games I liked and stuff (2015 edition)

It's the end of another year, and as far as they go 2015 was a good one. While university was brutal this year and I didn't quite have as much free time as before, I did manage to sneak in enough play time to enjoy games on&n...


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