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After the war (Harry potter) (Drarry) (My AU)


Hi my name is Max, I'm here to tell you the story of Drarry This takes place after the war so they are in 8th year. (My AU) 8th year: It was year 8 and Harry had just sat in a cabin on the train. (When they arrive at Hogwarts) Proffesor Mcgonagall started clapping she said "Hello again students there is some news we need to tell you" The whole Dining Hall fell silent "Your Houses will be resorted "Starting with, Alicia Spinnet" "hufflepuff" yelled the hat "Hermione Granger" said proffesor Mcgonagall "Ravenclaw" Yelled the hat "Draco Malfoy" said Mcgonagall "Slytherin" Yelled the hat "Ronald Weasley" "Griffindor" Yelled the hat "Alex" "Ravenclaw" yelled the hat "Luna Lovegood" "Hufflepuff" yelled the hat "Harry Potter" said Mcgonagall Harry walked up their and sat on the stool him and the hat were talking harry said "you are going to put me in griffindor right?" "No" said the hat "SLYTHERIN" everyone fell silent Harry ran into the bathroom Draco followed him "Harry?" said Draco "What do you want you stupid deathe eater" replied Harry. Draco showed Harry his arm it had 2 dozen cuts on it where the death eater mark was Harry said "wh-what did you f---ing do to your arm?!"

Sorry but you get a cliffhanger hope you enjoyed have a good day and Happy halloween!

- Bye my Honey Bees!

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