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My extra sexy Bafta 2012 opinions.

The BAFTA Video Game Award nominations are out. Not too many surprises, but for the sake of a little bit of hindsight on some of the nominees, I thought I�d chip in my two cents. Games in bold are ones I can comment on, as I have completed ...


Improvement: Calling on Call of Duty

It's the game franchise that divides. Whether it be that you prefer DICE's latest offerings, or you're just done with online FPS's with this style, or even you just dislike the repetitiveness of the series, Call of Duty's success is one tha...


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I would now consider myself a PC gamer primarily, but have grown up with consoles all my life. Whilst a bit of depth and plot are much appreciated, I tend to gravitate towards online FPS's and racing games.

I've been on a bit of a hiatus from posting here at the Dtoid C-Blogs, mainly due to my voluntary position at PureSophistry.com. Click the link to see my stuff.

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