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Oh yeah, and I'm working on a Vidja Gamez rap


It was this or writing my thesis...

Before you judge me for dropping a second blog in just over an hour, I have one question to pose for you. Would you like to write my thesis? No? Let's move on then, shall we. :)

As many of you know by now, I'm a DJ and a pretty big fan of hip-hop.  As a DJ, I mostly perform all of my sets live because I used to hate DJs that came and dropped pre-produced sets. That being said, I don't have as many skills in producing, so recently I've actually been working for a little with a couple producers to create some beats for a proto-video game inspired album. 

I've had this idea since I was in my last metal band about 4 years ago, and we were actually going to write a metal song based around the ridiculous atmosphere of multiplayer gaming, specifically focused on League of Legends and Call of Duty. It was called "U Mad Bro" and it was pretty funny. At least, we all thought so.

That being said, after that band I've found it hard to get together with 3-4 other people continuously that are equally motivated, so I've stepped back from the metal to focus on some hip-hop and electronic music. "U Mad Bro" got synced up with a dubby-electro beat, but we never got around to actually recording anything, because I do not have any recording equipment in my tiny Ottawa apartment. 

Well, recently after reading Ms. Molotov Cupcake's blog and listening to her spoken word rhymes it reinvigorated me to write some lyrics. If you missed it, do yourself a favour and listen to this audio treat: Frak What You Heard. She says it awful, but I find it awfully entertaining. PS Brittany, if you're reading this, has anyone thrown that to a beat yet like you wanted? If not, if I can download the audio track, I'll make that a project soon =D. 

Then I wrote a rap blog, and found out Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon is also a fellow hip-hop enthusiast, which made me smile, and we discussed our different flavours in rap. Check his blog out here: A Tribute to Hip-Hop. At this point, I pretty much had enough talking about it, and decided to start writing a rap.

I'm about halfway through, but I need a  better microphone adapter for my laptop so I can get a better sound from my voice and equalize it properly. I'm not a huge fan of how it sounds now, but I still wanted to share it with you because I had fun doing it, and the research I did for my last blog was more sombre. So let me know what you think! I'm also not sure I'm going to go forward rapping it in this style. I've got a bunch to choose from though, because I've always been a character rapper, since I grew up listening to Eminem, so I tend to enjoy rapping in different voices depending on context or theme. 

So without further Apu, here it is! I hope you have a chuckle, either at my expense as a 26 year old white guy who just finished working for the Government of Canada writing a rap, or because of the lyrics. I'm easy=D. 

Lord Pretty Flacko Vidja Gamez Remix

Creeping down the lane, you about to get shot.
Don't know who you're playing, better give me my props.
Think you're super like a Saijan, but you ain't bringing home the bacon,
You're just flat pancaking, like you work for iHop.

See my Light, the prestige, I went straight to the top
See how I snipe ya with ease, with my Thorn or the glock.
All this loot on my back, it's why I lean when I walk
We live like MMO fiends, Azaroth around the block.

Man I grind erryday, have you read my blogs?
Seen the games that I play, do you like them odds?
Maybe watch what you say, before you meet me round the way,
Before I come on your flank like...

Now you're waiting to respawn, hear you talkin that hate,
I keep my rage up in the game, fuck your #Gamergate.
Got some shit you wanna talk, how bout you bring it to the field,
How bout you leave them cats alone that just express how they feel?

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