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Enemy Front Falls Behind (See what I did there? =D)

None of you know my writing style and general opinions on games yet, so let me just start by saying that most often I am the type of person that can find the little things that make a game great; I am the "Here-are-the-reasons-you-should-give-this-a-chance kind of guy. �You will see this from my perspectives on Murdered:Soul Suspect, which many lambasted as a horrible game. (See:�Murdered: The Usual Suspects?)

Enemy Front is a different story for me though. �Admittedly, I am only a few hours into the game so far, but I am having trouble finding the will to pick it back up. �Maybe this is partially because Stuart Black (the man behind the brilliant shooter�Black) dropped Enemy Front and left City Interactive because of creative disagreements. �The shooter originally envisioned by Black sounded a lot more entertaining to me.�

All in all, it was a disappointing jaunt through Poland last night. Which for me is exceptionally disappointing, because I am a Soviet history major, and was very excited to see the adaptation of Warsaw. �I'll probably try and trudge through the campaign some more, and the multiplayer still beckons, although I cannot see it being superb after fighting the mechanics in the campaign. �

Have any of you tried Enemy Front yet? �Let me know what you think in the comments below! �I'll probably dust off Black tonight and give that a whirl...
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