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Community Event: Band of Bloggers


Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together. 

Recently Fenriff, Dreamweaver and I were talking and discussing how hard it was to get people to play specific games, whether or not this was on a Friday Night Fights or when you're just looking for someone to grind with. What came out of this discussion was an idea for a new community event called Band of Bloggers that will gather up Dtoiders to play the same game every month, and then blog about their shared and different experiences afterwards!

Think of it like a book club but with video games. Right? RIGHT?!?! If only your grandma knew you were this cool.

In my day, there was no "fast travel". We had to walk 30 miles in the snow, uphill both ways, just to visit Winterfell. 

Since we didn't want to just choose games and force you all to play them (well, Dreamweaver did but we figured he had just been “reading” too much doujinshi), we will post a blog at the end of each month with a specific theme and a Strawpoll with 5 games. The games will all fall under the general theme, and at the end of the week we will post the results and all go forward together into the new month playing the community choice game.

The games will also all be older and generally cross-platform, so that the majority of people will have at least 2-3 games on the list, or be able to purchase the winning game for cheap. For games within a series, we will often allow people to pick one of the games to make this more inclusive!

At the end of the month, we will ask people to share their thoughts on the game in a blog post, and we will combine them up and do a big recap on the experience!

February's theme will be: Stories From the Apocalypse!

Fallout 3 / New Vegas
Metro 2033 / Last Light
Dead Island / Dead Island Riptide

Why apocalypse? Because everyone likes a good romp through the wastelands, lopping heads off no-do-gooders, and crafting sex dolls out of motorcycle chassis and cactus fruit. So click on the link below, vote for the game that you want to be playing in February with Destructoid, and come apoca-lose yourself with some great people!

Strawpoll : http://strawpoll.me/3471070

The end of the world comes in all shapes and sizes. 

As a bonus, Fenriff, Dreamweaver and I will also be venturing back into Gran Pulse over the course of February to save Lightning and Noel from a future without the human race in Final Fantasy XIII-2, keeping with the theme of apocalypse. We'd love for people to join us on this adventure as well, if they can manage the full game-load!

So cast your vote on which apocalypse you would like to visit in February, and look forward to the results coming next week!

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