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In Defense of DLC: Map Packs

This is gonna be short and sweet.

I can see the problems with DLC. The system definitely needs improvements. However, so many people throw giant tizzy fits and even the slightest hint of DLC, which is just freaking ridiculous. Map packs, of course, inspire the greatest rage.

The argument I see most is something along the lines of "If it doesn't have new voice actors, I'm not getting it, and anyone who does is CLEARLY a giant punk-ass bitch puppy-kicking maggotbrain." Yeah, something like that.

Are you kidding me? Now, I don't have a lot of experience with map packs. To be honest, the only map packs I have ever bought or even seen in action are for Halo. So either Bungie makes exceptionally high quality maps or you people are all crazy.

Do you think that voice actors are the only people who need to be paid for their work? Map packs mean new textures, new map designs (and snowballs if they don't go through a LOT of prototypes), new models, etc.

Like I said though, maybe every GoW map pack evar is just a cube with recycled textures. But somehow I doubt that. Hopefully...

So anyways, map packs are pretty fantastic (even though Halo: Reach was disappointingly short on dedicated multiplayer or firefight when it launched) when done right. By all means, rage your lovely little hearts out when... who's making MW3? Scratch that, when Dice expects you to pay $10 for, like, an abandoned empty warehouse. Seriously, who fights over something like that?
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