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Shenazin returns


Wowsers, I'm back? For the longest time Dtoid wouldn't let me log in but now it seems to have changed it's mind, it won't let me comment, that requires a Disqus account, it won't let me post on the forum and my attempt at making a new account was rejected but I can still write a blog post.

I first started reading Dtoid all the waaaaay waaaaay back in spring 2007, I regirstered this account after a year of lurking in 2008, here I still am because given the absolute state of gaming journalism in 2022 this is the only site I can tolerate.

I wonder if I'm the only person from 2007 still left, pretty sad to think about honestly, so much has changed since then and almost none of for the better.

Just throwing this out here in case anyone stumbles upon this and remembers me, I'm still alive, if I comment on Disqus it's under the name "Kawaii as Fuck", if I try to register on the forum again I may have to pick an all new name, but I'll let you know it's me.

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