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Handhelds: My life is portable

In my earliest years as a silent protagonist, I knew portables were awesome. When my mom took me to Toys R Us, I saw the future there in the glass cases - the Game and Watch games. I stood and gazed upon the plastic display case these won...


Freedom: I'm in SPAAAAAAACE!

Warning: This post contains mild Portal 2 spoilers. And space. Space, space. Gotta have space. Need space. Love space. Want more space. I don't need arrows unless they're pointing to space - after that, don't want 'em. Objective markers a...


E3 Approaches: Winning E3.

OK, so I guess I'm supposed to do some predictions about E3. I should just play the boring, predictable card that someone will eventually play, just to get it out of the way. We're all winners at E3. Perhaps even bi-winning. That's righ...


The Case of the Time Mage hat

Three and a half years ago, back when I was still playing FFXI.... well, when people were still playing FFXI, there was excitement and speculation over what new jobs the Wings of the Goddess expansion would bring. On the Dreams in Vana'di...


Okamiden impressions

Got a surprise over the weekend - someone in my area broke street date on Okamiden so my local GS was able to sell it to me a few days early. I ran out and grabbed that up while putting down more cash toward the 3DS. The pre-order stylus i...


Groundhog day: An ode to destroy

Sometimes parties will lose their luster Yet the will to leave you cannot muster. On it goes without an end; Its dull, but you still stay for friends. MMOs can be the same. You're bored, but you still play the game Because of friends and a...


Temco-Koei: They've ruined a dynasty.

Since Mr. Sterling had to tell us how he really felt about Final Fantasy, I just figured turnabout was fair play here. I like Jim, but... well... you brought this on yourself And yeah, I see I've already been beaten to the punch with the p...


Pokemon is an infectious game. Its like a puppy, no matter how you may try otherwise, if you're into traditional RPGs, its going to endear itself to you and you're going to love it. Hell, I'm 32 and I just can't say no to it. Back when Po...


About The Silent Protagonistone of us since 1:33 AM on 10.06.2009

I've been into games since I was able to reach the joystick on the Pac-Man arcade cabinet. That was 1982 - ever since that day I knew gaming and I would be bound by fate in some way, shape or form that I've still yet to figure out.

Until then, I've decided to just play games, enjoy them, blog about games and otherwise not shut up about them. Well, I do think about other stuff, I just keep coming back to the whole games thing.

Metroid is probably still my all-time favorite series. Its the one I keep coming back to year after year despite which version it might be. Super Metroid and Metroid Prime 2 are my favorites of the series and I also often enjoy anything Metroid-like. I enjoy the solitude and exploration of such games.

I also enjoy Shin Megami Tensei, Fallout, Deus Ex, The Elder Scrolls - pretty much anything with a lot of solitary exploration and a large world makes me a rather happy camper. To contrast this I usually need some lighter and happier games as well, which could be anything from a Pokemon game to a fashion game. Retro games of most stripes are something I still enjoy. Sometimes you just need that sort of contrast to keep going.

My platforms of choice tend to be handhelds, I'm starting to consider dropping any non-Nintendo console in favor of PC since Sony's IPs don't appeal to me and Halo just ends up on PC at some point anyway. I don't hate Playstation per se, I just hate what its become under the current Sony.

I do keep a PS2 handy to revisit Playstation's glory days. Great console, easily one of the best platforms aside from SNES, DS and Dreamcast.

As for other things about me, I guess we'll find out, won't we?