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It seems Sega wants to buy Rovio (Yes, the Angry Birds developer). I suspect it may have something to do with blockchain technology since both companies have shown interest in it. I could be wrong but I'm wary...


Next Monday, the Teamsters will begin negotiations with UPS to hopefully get our new contract approved. The Teamsters won't back down on content ($27/hr base pay, no more personal vehicle drivers, get PT workers to FT faster, etc.) but if UPS says no...


I think I hit a game breaking bug in RE4 in Chapter 14. I paused during one of the cutscenes and the game froze when I resumed. I can pause and reload a save but when I do it does the same thing. I think I need to restart from the beginning. :/


Sadly, it looks like Ada Wong's new voice actress Lily Gao is getting harassed because of her performance in RE4 Remake. *Sigh* Fucking people, man.


I beat Mad Chainsaw! Turns out if you stun Dr. Salvador (with flash grenade and/or shotgun), you can get up to him and stab him in the throat and Leon throws him to the ground which buys you a few seconds.


Looks like Resident Evil 4 Remake got its street date broken. Saw some copies on OfferUp this morning too.


Decided to give my (hacked) SNES Mini some love and try out the divisive DKC 3. Seems pretty good so far but what're your guys' thoughts? Did you like it, hate it, think it was ok? I know DKC 2 is the most lauded but I rarely hear people bring up 3.


Y'know as bad as Simpsons Wrestling is (I had it as a kid, believe me it's horrendous), I'd be lying if I didn't have some nostalgia for it. I had my share of fun with it way back when despite knowing it wasn't very good.


I'm still digging the Resident Evil 4 Remake but why does Krauser sound like a 14 year old boy who's attempting a Batman impression?


2 young ladies gave me compliments this morning as I left the gym. So, that was pretty nice. Current status:


Looks like early gameplay from Dead Rising 5 has leaked. It's from 2017 and features Chuck Greene as the protagonist and would've taken place in Mexico.


PSA: Cocaine Bear has a Pac-Man style game on it's website where you get to eat cocaine and people!


Finally finished Dad O'Boy Part 2 and decided to share my thoughts on it in the comments.


Y'know what game series would be perfect to resurrect for Switch? Chu Chu Rocket!


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