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Rambles: Game Design - The Dream And The Reality

Please note that a lot of information here is theoratical and unconfirmed, if I say something that is wrong I apologise, this is not an article to inform, moreso an article to express my views. So this kinda came up in my mind a while back ...


Taking another look: Valkyrie Profile 2

So i've decided that since I can't get enough of good games, I thought about writing about them again, only this time with a new and improved look to them. Basically this is going to be something I do when I want to cover a game I've alread...


Rambles: I'm conflicted

So E3 happened, i rarely watch E3. All the big fanboys streaming their favourite games in the chat with excitement and slating other games off was fun to watch and the actual presentation? It was ok i guess though the big thing for me ...


Current Gen: Mafia 2 Review

Mafia 2 was kind of hit or miss for me personally, it’s a game that tries really hard to create a realistic setting and story line but it is held back by several issues that pushed the game into mediocrity. So much fun!!! First ...


Looking Back: Need For Speed Carbon Review

Now as we all know, EA are a greedy publisher. Their development team Black Box on the other hand are actually not that bad and it shows through Need For Speed Carbon. Completely ignoring the controversy behind EA, I’m giving Ne...


Awful Boss Battles: Nefasturris

So it's finally time to unleash all my hatred... i believe this is definitely going to be a series worth doing... hopefully. You know... those awful moments in videogames which make you want to smash your fist through the TV or fall as...


Current Gen: Child Of Light Review

This review was requested a while back and i have just recently had the drive to write it. Child Of Light was developed by Ubisoft of all people, wait... you mean a niché indie style RPG was developed by a hugely successful publ...


Terry 309's Review Archive

The purpose of this blog is simply to link all of my reviews together without making my bio ridiculously long. Now considering the fact that i'm going to be a lot more lax with reviews in the future, i believe that it's best to focus o...


Star Ocean Series Retrospective

In recent celebration of the announcement of Star Ocean 5, i thought it would be appropriate to do a retrospective of the series. As such i'm going to return to using Google images again because i just don't give a damn anymore, if it ...


An Egg For An Egg - Best Of Warcraft 3 Quotes

Warcraft 3 has many easter eggs but the most noticable are it's quotes. If you click a hero/unit too long then you'll get an easter egg where the hero/unit will get annoyed and will trigger a funny quote, usually a movie referance. To start...


Rambles: The pain of nostalgia

Well after my last blog i had to make another. Sure this blog is going to have zero effort put into it but i'm just going to write it anyways because why the hell not. There's a lot of things i have in mind and i could use feedback on ...


Current Gen: Mount And Blade Warband Review

I'm a bit late with this one, too busy playing Mount And Blade Warband to make this review but alas, the time has finally come to review this awesome... if unpolished game. Mount And Blade Warband is the best WRPG ever made, it's bette...


Current Gen: Eternal Sonata Review

Title says current gen because next gen hasn't truly began IMO. Eternal Sonata is flat out dissappointing, i expected a lot more out of it than i actually got. Sure the game has a lot of things going for it but in the end it falls apar...


My Top 5 Videogame Love/hate relationships

I think we all have one... or at least a few of them. I have quite a few that are worth sharing. Videogames can be as easy to love as they are to hate at times, there are good games and bad games and then there's those that you can't h...


Warcraft 3 Battle.net Tour Guide Episode 1: 4v4RT

Welcome to the Warcraft 3 Battle.net tour guide, this will go over the differrent types of people you will meet in each mode. Todays episode is 4v4 RT (the only episode) and i will cover all you need to know about it.Warning: This will cont...


Top 15 VGM #3 RPG Dungeon Themes

God this one has to be the hardest yet, i've anticipated this one for a while. I do have a few rules with this list though, first of all any dungeon song that will be mentioned in another list won't be on this one. Oh and only one dung...


Looking Back: Shadow Hearts Covenant Review

I've wanted to play this game for a while now and i finally actually managed to get it at a good price. When i first played the game, i had freezing issues during the cutscenes and stopped playing simply because i didn't want to miss o...


Terry 309's 1 Year Anniversarry on the C blogs...

It has been exactly 1 year since i wrote my first blog on here and as such i think it's the perfect time to write a summary of my experiences on here as well as shamelessly plugging some of my old write-ups so that i can make an archiv...


Final Fantasy VII has more Adult content than...

...any other Final Fantasy title, yet it is only rated 11+. The thing i don't get about age ratings for JRPG's these days is that a lot of them seem to all be rated 16+ now but a few years back they were rated only 11+, this is strange...


Gaming Moments: Pokemon Yellow

This series (if i can be bothered to continue it) is where i will be writing about my favourite and most horrific gaming moments. These will contain spoilers so if you haven't finished the game in the title then please don't read this....


Top 5 VGM: #2 Town Themes

Ah yes town music, the places where you can restock on items and talk to NPC's, take in the scenary etc. Yes i'm limiting this to RPG's as otherwise it would be chaotic. Now i could have filled this list with all the songs from the gam...


Rambles: Gaming communities are split apart...

Back in the good old days of the 90's gaming was just starting to become popular amongst kids, i was one of them. Back then, nothing ever mattered. People either got absorbed into their games by themselves or just played together. Back...


Top 5 VGM's #1 Field/Plains

Ok this might come across as generic but i just feel like sharing my favourite music with the community. I was gonna start with forest music but i thought i'd start with Field music. You know, the sort of music that plays on a huge ope...


What RPG's would you reccommend to newcommers?

I believe it has come to to the point where RPG's don't excite me as they used to. I believe there comes a time where the excitement of certain types of games wears out. Of course i still love RPG's as much as the next guy and even tho...


Looking Back: Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition

Well i haven't done a review in ages simply because i'm running out of things to review and i'm struggling at finishing games too so i think it would be a good idea to look at car racing games, you know... those types of games that are...


About Terry 309one of us since 11:02 AM on 12.30.2013

"Exactly as I'd hoped. Humans... so weak and malleable. How you ever managed to oppose the legion I cannot fathom. You have merely delayed the inevitable" ~ Balnazzar

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I will publish blogs on there earlier because it has a better editor (plus I don't have the Destructoid rules to worry about). I will still publish blogs on here though and I probably will post any top 10's exclusively on here, this site is merely a home for all of my blogs so that in case anything happens I can keep writing.

My Bio:

Just an outspoken fan of rpg's and gaming in general who likes to rant about first world gamer problems because there are so many.

My blogs mostly consist of reviews/rants of games of all generations, particularly rpg's. I try to blend my reviews with both facts and opinion so that people can see from my own experiences and decide for themselves. i will also tend to review older titles because i still believe that there are few people out there who haven't played these awesome titles and deserve to give them a chance.

Oh and as for some negative's you might point out, i can't spell for my life and my grammar is terrible. Plus i like to exaggerate my points a little to make things more fun, yet some people are dense enough to take them as fact.

Here is my response to those intelligent enough to point them out:

Heres my review rating system:

Masterpiece (Same as masterful but for overall score, will be based on opinion), of course it won't be perfect in every way but it will be close to perfect, no game is perfect.

Masterful - Perfect in every way (Formerly 9.5+) (definitely pick up the game if you are a fan of the genre)

Exceptional - Goes way beyond expectations (Formerly between 9.1 and 9.4) (definitely pick up the game if you are a fan of the genre)

Excellent - Does what it needs to and provides a first class experience (9.0) (definitely pick up the game if you are a fan of the genre)

Great - Does what it needs to, provides a high class experience (8.5-8.9) (recommended to all fans of the genre)

Good - Does what it needs to and provides a very enjoyable experience (was 8.0 - 8.5) (recommended to all fans of the genre)

Satisfactory - Does what it needs to, provides an experience which is just enough to satisfy the player (Formerly between 7.5 - 7.9) (Reccommended to read the review if unsure)

Decent - Does what it needs to, experience can very depending on the players tastes (Formerly 7.0-7.4) (Recommended to read the review if you plan on picking up the game to see if it's for you)

So-So (Now Mediocre) - Not for everyone, has some issues, may be worth a try if patient enough to cope with it's flaws (Formerly 6.5 - 6.9) (Reccommened to read the review if you're interested in the title)

Flawed - Alot of flaws, difficult to recommend, some may be able to pass them by but will require a lot of patience (Formerly 5.0 - 6.4) (Reccommened to read the review if you're interested in the title)

Awful - (Formerly 4.9 and below) (If you see this, don't pick the game up for this catagory)

Kill It With Fire - (Same as Awful but for overall score, based on opinion which in this case is usually right if you see the game, you know what to do, don't buy this and if you do, get some gasoline and a match)


Too Long (Legend Of Dragoon lol)

Very Long (Formerly 9.5 - 9.9)

Long (Formerly 9.0 - 9.4)

Quite Long (Formerly 8.0 - 8.9)

Decent Length (Formerly 7.5 - 7.9)

Quite Short (Formerly 6.5 - 7.4)

Very Short (Formerly 6.0 - 6.4)

Too short (Formerly 5.9 or below)

Worth Replaying?




My favorite games:

Valkyrie Profile 2


Pokemon Gold and Silver


Warcraft 3's campaign

Grandia 2


Mount And Blade: Warband