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Pro tip: Never record Painkiller, just recorded the final boss with OBS, it didn't record the cutscene, switched to fraps, dropped to single digit frames in the cutscene, switched to nvidia share, cutscene was glitched out. Then Arcsoft crash on compress.


Hmm I wonder what song I'll pick for #musictoid... it's got to be something from Valkyrie Profile 2. This is the music that plays in the underwater caverns of Dragonscrypt. Valkyrie Profile 2's soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous.


Is there a game's OST you really like... but the game is a pile of shit?


If you think that growth in videogames can equate to a contest then you are seriously delusional. Stop wasting time on growth if you only seek to surpass others, it is a waste of time and effort. Playing more than someone else doesn't make you better.


If I could be Geoff Keighley for a day, I'd sign a sponsorship deal with Dr Pepper.


I hate to say I told you so... but I was right. Getting rid of Greenlight was a stupid idea and accomplished absolutely nothing. I rest my case.


And finally we can safely say that Warcraft lore has finally been laid to rest. With Kiljaeden gone, there is nothing left in the story... except Sargeras but surely they won't kill him... surely. Oh wait, this is World Of Shitcraft we're talking about


Here's a code for Alan Wake's American Nightmare on GOG, first come first served: CCQ3D89F66F58E8FED If you claim the code, let me know, also let me know if the code doesn't work.


What is your opinion on retro game collecting? here's a biased video by Silent Rob to help you decide. I personally think that collecting as a whole is stupid but owning physical copies of games you like is cool. I only collect games which I really enjoy.


Apparrently Yooka Laylee sucks, that's yet another Kickstarter game that failed, what a shame. I'm beginning to have less trust in crowdfunded videogame projects.


I thought OBS was perfect... then I realized it didn't record the FMV's of Painkiller without them freezing. Seriously, I hate recording software. Fraps, Nvidia Share and OBS, fuck all of you.


Jim Sterling has made up for indirectly fucking over the indie market with this video. Can't exactly give him all the blame but I still feel salty, we lost our greatest weapon against the AAA industry, Steam Greenlight, freedom and liberty is no more.


So Strafe failed, I guess it didn't have enough souls/demons, plus it didn't have an electrodriver. Because if it did, it would get an 11/10


7 Japanese RPG's game developers should study... look at which one is at the top. That's right, Valkyrie Profile 2 is the best JRPG so of course it should be the first people study so that they can learn how a true masterpiece is made.


It would seem i have no choice but to install Ultima Online just for a single screenshot... then I found out that EA are in charge of it. Well fuck me. Thank god it has a free trial.


What would you rather be? Badass Or Epic?


Just got to this point in Nier Automata. Game Of The Year, definitely!!! 10/10.


That feeling that you get when you write a blog with over 4000 words and you have no idea how to get the images...


So I need help. Both Fraps and Nvidia Share are garbage, I need suggestions for a recording software that can record Painkiller smoothly with good sound quality and without cutting out half the recording and pasting the beginning of the recording.


If I could have any theme song... it would be this


Just realized that I still can't run DOOM on PC with my Graphics card... I give up... seriously. Well at least it will run Bannerlord... I hate what gaming has become.


I feel the powah!!! My Pc just got pimped out with this new I5 6500


Just finished streaming Nier Automata, pretty long one though so you'll want to bring popcorn.


Well I finally gave in and got Nier Automata on PS4... I got it from PS store so I paid more than I should have paid for it but fuck it, I can't use my PC so I might as well treat myself to a new game instead and I don't want to wait for a physical copy.


Looks like my CPU is on its last legs... damn if only I knew stuff about computers...


What is the worst console generation? My top 3: #1 Seventh (2007 - 2014) #2 Eighth (so far) (2014 - ???) #3 First (1972 - 1976)


What is the best console generation? My top 3: #1 Sixth - (2001 - 2007) #2 Fourth - (1991 - 1997) #3 Fifth - (1997 - 2001)


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