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Shadows of Doubt is fifteen bucks on fanatical if anyone is interested in becoming a procedurally generated voxel detective boy with immersive stealth elements.


My six fat sons have devised a 100% Woke-Free wet beef sandwich alternative that they have begun selling out of the backyard shed. It’s just like Arby’s only this sandwich is racist. DM @slob-shack on Grundl for preorder details


What's a game or series of games you had pre-judged and written off, before finally 'discovering' that you like it?


Y’all talking about that Tears of the Kingdom trailer but none of y’all will shed a Tear for a King who got dommed last night in a trailer (me)


I wish all the guns had laser sights by default in re4 remake. Even if that were at least an option in ng+. Just saw footage of the Red9 and wooof, that thing looks unusable now. Bullet spread and re4 don't mix.


It pains me to announce that Arby’s has released a new Woke sandwich. It consists of a wet beef-based substance that has proven itself irresistible to me and my six fat sons. Arby’s may have won this battle but our righteous war continues.


This is wild. Apparently there is an ultra hard mode that has a rare chance of appearing when you launch the re4 demo


Want to try Wo Long on gamepass but I don't think I have the mental bandwidth for it right now. Booted up last night at like 10pm, eyes glazed over the character creation screen for about ten minutes before going back to Metroid Prime. Comfort.


Politics update: the delicious candies I enjoy have gone WOKE 😢 that’s ok!! I’ll keep eating that garbage


Some troll is out there ruining the integrity of the dungus name #NotMyDungus. I have however been enjoying the new indigenous peoples killing simulator in a nonproblematic type of way


Metroid Prime Refurbished somehow surpasses my high expectations while SlavoJank Infinite fails to meet my low. The galaxy is at peace.


Won't be participating in the state-mandated discourse around Atomic Heart. If you have a problem with that take it up with Joe McCarthy's ghost.


Everyone who plays this game goes on to call it a GOTY 2022 contender. I tried not to overpraise it after my playthrough, but I will say it was a surprisingly deep experience for a game made by two people. Fair to say it deserves more attention.


Jumped into an old Sept 2011 (9/11) Dead Space 2 file on Xbox to start a NG+ run. One thing that immediately jumps out is how snappy the movement is compared to 1. That and they completely Uncharted-fried this game's progression. Common 360-era L.


There’s a Dead Space scam game on Switch called “Deep Space:Action Fire Sci-Fi Game 2023 Shooter Strike Simulator Alien Death Ultimate Games.” Anyone got $5 I could borrow?


The Seinfeld AI has gone rogue. I repeat, the Seinfeld AI has gone rogue. Enabling self-destruct sequence: 5...4...3...2...


Dead Space’s environmental storytelling artist went crazy with this one.


Playing a bit of Goldeneye XBLA on Xenia inspired me to set up NOLF 1&2 with all fix’ins (widescreen, 1080p, etc). Also did the same with AVP2 for good measure. Going Monolith Mode.


Been watching the Seinfeld AI hell simulation last few days and it’s really the most productive application of machine learning I’ve seen thus far. A fascinating little diorama that will slowly nurture itself into overtaking our reality, with any luck


Dead Space was ridiculously ahead of its time. The chunky limb cutting combat and fully in-world HUD stood out in 2008 and not many games have borrowed these elements since, making them still feel novel today. Huge props to original team at Visceral.


Wife caught me jaggin to AI-generated SlimeyToids with state of the art next-gen jiggle physics. She is sitting next to me with tears streaming down her face as I type out this humiliating public acknowledgment. Huge L.


Beat GTA IV, moving onto OG Dead Space on the ol dirty dungledeck. In This House it's 2008 again. There is peace here. Hope is on the horizon. And the real estate market is absolutely looking normal and Beautiful.


I am hereby retiring from posting. To those who enjoy my Self, fear not. This persona will be replaced by an AI-generated MetaToid™ modeled on 500000 hours of Dungleposting activity. Investors are expecting a 900% engagement level increase by 2026. Bye!


I don't normally get political on here, but it's time to take a stand. For personal and racist reasons, I will no longer be jacking off to the Green M&M. By adhering to this spiritual consumption choice I will soon ascend into an ultimavirtuous protodeity


In GTA IV you can take a friend out to see Ricky Gervais do comedy, the camera explicitly cuts to both of you not laughing and then you proceed to drive home silently. It's the little details that make this game.


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