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Hideo Kojima’s tombstone will read “Orwell wrong, Huxley wrong, Kojima right.”


psst, hey everyone you can come out now. ((The slimey one))is gone, I think our fake exodus plan worked. Finally we can post without subjecting our minds to quiet neat indiegames…oh fUck I think he heard me, I smell a 2D metroidvania no one bought


It’s 2023. The largest tech firms in the world are racing to replace the workforce with AI. The two weirdest looking billionaires are competing for control over human thought. A generation of young minds have been nuked by something called Skibidi Toile


Everyone on the internet is looking for the next big social media platform for the [redacted] to ruin but maybe it would be better for society to splinter off back to the days when niche forum nerds ruled. God bless this community's future


Gave BETON BRUTAL a try last night. I can see this easily getting its hooks in me. Cozy atmospheric platforming where every jump is at the risk of losing progress. It's chill, until you slip up and fall 100m.


What's cohost? Ah forget it, I'm goin down with the ship lads.


News Update for June 22nd, 2023. Huge tragedy...oxygen gone...debris found...hope depleted...dentist today. This has been your Dungletip Minute


It would be so sick to be friends with Kojima. Because it would mean you are a famous Hollywood actor or director. Though I suppose you could be one of the unlucky ones who has to make up arbitrary awards to give him in exchange for his friendship


Slimey is good, but not perfect. Sadly he has failed to account for ZORTCH (rookie mistake). In the wake of this historic bungle, I feel no choice but to step up and seize control of Slimeytoid. The Dungletoid world premiere of Zortch begins NOW. Zortch.


One of the toughest trade offs of my adult life continues to be 'coffee table or huge ottoman?' -- and no, we can't have both.


Found our boy's corpse (died badly!) in system shock. F's in the chat 👇


"The monster isn't even scary, it's just annoying and I hate hiding from it" -person who is more afraid of the latest horror game than you could ever know


New Schreier piece sheds some light on the disaster that was Redfall…but what if there were a way to find nuance and create excuses on behalf of management? In my upcoming 26-part YouTube documentary, we’ll be doing exactly that. Stay tuned!


Wasn't expecting the 'nuanced' // 'just asking questions' // 'lets hear from both sides' documentary on disco elysium's IP theft to be an exercise in character assassination, but here we are. Exit the vampire castle, woke moralists.


Played this over the weekend and fell into a hole of liminal spaces, regular spaces, parental abuse, dead autistic sons, loss of innocence, demon-related trauma, and 9/11 2. What if gone home was about being really REALLY gay? Welcome to...


AMAZING: This ONE simple trick will make your game better than everyone else’s


The biggest revelation after TotK's release is just how salty Banjo fans STILL are about Nuts & Bolts. The game called them fat losers for wanting to collect shiny trinkets in 2008 and they took that personally.


One for Slimey! And I quote… “If you’ve never heard of the game, we probably wouldn’t review it, and it probably isn’t that good anyway!” -IGN, the definitive experts on consuming product.


Super enthusiastic Yakuza fan at my local game shop asked why I was trading in Yakuza 3-6. Didn’t have the heart to tell him it’s because I thought they were mid.


New Amnesia is looking simply phenomenal. I cannot wait to be trapped in this hell hole.


THE TRUTH about Shitting My Pants at Applebees - HONEST REVIEW


Shadows of Doubt is fifteen bucks on fanatical if anyone is interested in becoming a procedurally generated voxel detective boy with immersive stealth elements.


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