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It's not just what we play It's how we play .

Many people play video games. Certain games especially these days have various ways to play the game.   This is an amazing new feature to video games. Games that come to mind are Diablo series, Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Games such as the ...


About Supercodebreakone of us since 10:07 AM on 06.27.2014

( writers block ! ) I am not very good with about me.. But hey I will give it a go.

I am a very emotional person. This is my ultimate downfall and probably my greatest feature as well.

I am so driven in my artistic endeavors especially when it comes to video gaming.

I LOVE to do video game :

. Artwork
. Writing
. Nit picking
. Websites
. Japanese
. Much More !

Well I guess that is it for now. If I think of some more I will write it down. Let me know if you need anything - code