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The Community Challenge

-by Logan Witt

So this is my challenge to all of us- really understand your point; be willing to concede ground on occasion, nobody's going to be right all the time; and if you absolutely must insult someone, at least make it creative for a change. I don't think we should be discussing Dragon Age II like it's Candide, but let's not have twenty comments of "the reviewer's biased" (if you don't like the review, write your own, but give it substance) and another forty of "not worth $60" (that's your standard retail price now for the most part, get over it; speaking to our U.S. community) and heaven knows how many of "the guy above me who didn't agree with me, you're -insert whatever stupid remark here-". We demand creativity in the developed product, so we should be creative in our feedback and our criticisms.
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