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Super Couch's "Best of"- 2010 (Extra Spicy Logan Witt edition)

- by Logan Witt

Wow, what a year. 2010 was such a great year in gaming for us that it's taken us until February to get our "Best Of" lists together. I'll be going first in giving my winners for the last year, so kick back, relax, and prepare to find something you may not agree with.

Best Story

Oh how I've missed good 16-ish bit beat 'em ups! Drawing from one of my favorite graphic novel series, SPvTW: TG delivers a nostalgic rush that works so well off of the inclusion of old-school video game elements in the original graphic novels (it's enough to put you on a mobius strip). The gameplay works just like you'd expect, but that's part of what makes it so fun and addicting. Including an unlockable boss rush time attack mode and a survival horror mode pitting you against an ever-growing zombie horde for 30 minutes, the fun never seems to stop! If there's any drawback at all, it's the lack of online co-op, but there's still nothing quite like sitting in a room with a couple of friends shouting at each other and the t.v. just like back in the old days (see "Best Item" anecdote). The biggest draw for me was originally how fun it was, the little hands-on time I had at first; then after reading through the series (and loving it!) I bought the game myself to dive into and I never wanted to come up for air. It's a fantastic translation from a video-game-influenced comic to a comic-influenced video-game that brings back all the good memories with a rocking soundtrack by Anamanaguchi that's just icing on the cake.
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