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Destructoid Exclsuive Content- A SuperCouch History

-LW (caution- long rant ahead, you've been warned)

Okay, for those of you who aren't aware, a quick SuperCouch backstory. We started here on Destructoid some little while ago, right before the alpha phase of the new site that didn't exactly go over so hot, but hey, that's how those things go. Dan and I had written more than a handful of things and commented on front page stories and eighth page c-blogs because, well, gosh darnit, there's a real sense of community here.

And then came what we like to refer to as "The Purge". When everything came back up here on Dtoid, there was the notice that everything would take a little time to come back, but all would be well. So we waited. Nothing. Not only did none of our posts come back, neither did our comments, or our account.

That's right, SuperCouch had been erased from Destructoid.

Well, okay, no hard feelings, so we'll just start over. And so we have, with a handful of reviews, some lists, and an oddball post here and there, and our continuing support of anyone with an intriguing or different perspective on anything video game related. Like I said, we enjoyed the fact that just because your blog wasn't front page news didn't mean that people weren't going to read it and give you feedback on it.

But that's the thing, it's continually seemed like SuperCouch didn't exist. On a page of a hundred comments, I would expect to be overlooked, sure, but on a page of four or five, well, you know, maybe I'm just old-school in my line of thinking, but I like to acknowledge someone when they give a damn about whatever it was I took the time to write. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

"But Logan," I hear you exclaim, "why should people acknowledge you because you gibber some little troll comment?" Elementary my dear internet, because my comments are actually used to give some sort of coherent, dare I say almost intelligent, bit of response about how a particular story made me feel or what it made me or think, or something else of substance. But, largely they went unnoticed, but hey, the internet's a big, scary place where things like that happen. So I'll survive.

But then something really irked me. A week ago Dan posted a comment that was, admittedly, a bit trollish, but it was a Sterling article so it's all fair game. Really though, he just figured he'd poke fun at the giant ostrich face picture because that particular piece of news had been around on the net for five or six hours, and just now there was a Dtoid article up on it. Not a treatise or small novel, just a couple of paragraphs; so that ostrich had to be to blame. Well, damned if this kind of bigotry toward grounded aviation would go unpunished, and so in the middle of a page of a hundred odd comments, ours was deleted.

That's right, when we were finally noticed it was to be yanked down for trying to inject a bit of well-intentioned and obvious satire. But the powers that be would have none of that. Well, you know what, fine, whatever, we'll just deal.

Which brings me to what prompted this little rant of mine. The other day I had posted our Mortal Kombat review to great fanfare and widespread acclaim. Which is of course to mean that we had no feedback, as per usual. But no big deal, it's out there, maybe some people read it, maybe not, I don't know, but okay. Then on the C-Blog Recap I find it listed under "Fail". Well, as you can imagine my first response was pure nerd-rage, I'll be honest, but then I calmed down and just wondered "why".

Well you see, I've been a very naughty boy. My articles have also been going the that dirty little tramp that won't be named here. "Why Logan," I hear you exclaim again, "why have you been pimping your articles out to another video game blog?" Because I didn't realize signing up here was like signing over your soul. I didn't know there was some non-compete clause attached with the usage of the precious community space.

But I understand, though. I get it, because it goes back to that sense of community I talked about earlier. There was a faint ripple of betrayal in the waters, and you know what, I understand. Three hours ago I was ready to just put this site in my rear view and sign off with something quite a bit more colorful, but what would that accomplish, really?

I've already gone on and on about how it doesn't seem like anybody reads our articles, let alone gives a damn about our view of things, and that's not entirely fair, I admit. We've contributed our fair share to this community, and all we're asking for is a little bit of love in return; not so much to ask. Yes, I sent some of our articles elsewhere, but can you exactly blame me?

Well okay, maybe you can, but at least tell me that you blame me. Talk to me, say something, I feel like we don't communicate anymore. I just want validation for the effort I put into making you happy!

Really though, I love this community, mainly because it really feels like a community, and I just want to feel like I belong, like I have a place in this particular universe. Otherwise maybe, just maybe, one day, I'll write something really spectacular, the greatest thing ever written in the history of the internet, and you'll miss it. Now wouldn't that be a shame? There's be sad faces all around, much like mine when I don't think anyone reads me. I'm needy, sure, but I have cause- I write some fairly decent stuff, so you should read it. Really, don't make me cry, because that just looks horrible.

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