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EUFNF May 21st - We got PS3 Games now Edition


EUFNF, the European Friday Night Fights has experienced a fundamental increase in people beating the everlasting crap out of each other on a Friday evening in a virtual environment. Not only that, but we're also not Xbox 360 snobs only anymore! Yes, you heard me, we have PS3 games going on this evening too! Amazing, isn't it?

On Xbox 360:
People: Subenu, The Guy with the Hat and Tarvu, Watermanx
Gamertags: Neo Subenu, appolo 11 22 33, Tarvu/The Kinky Ninja, watermanx
Game: Halo 3/ODST Tomfoolery
20.00ish onwards (GMT)

On PS3:
People: JJMccallum, Kris S, SexualChocolate, Aurain
PSN: jjmccallum, Kris_S_273, Foolishbean69, Aurain
Game: Red Dead Redemption
19.00ish onwards (GMT)

On Wii:

My Skype is: Negajay

Brawl - 0044-6017-2997

TsVsC - 1334�0374-3859

Wii Number - 8963 1203 2094 1851

If you want to join up, post your Gamertag/PSN ID in the comment section, I'll add you to the list. Wanna host something different? Give me system, time and Gamertag/PSN ID/Wii Friendcode/ Steam ID, I'll put you up there.

One other thing: If you want to vote for certain games or systems to be played on in the main groups, we have votes up in the forum, so use them!
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