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I didn't know... Oh Saitama* BTW Can't wait for S02!


Can you spot the golden bunny?


Playing "Paint the town Red". Wanted to make a blog about it. But realized you just beat the crap out of people with sticks (or anything you can lift). And you have to kill people that's it. Who doesn't love the blood of your enemies?


Who comes up with this stuff? Well to be fair he does looks like an alien


How I feel on Mondays :P (well sometimes)PS Here it is monday...


FF?? Rankings?? From absolute favorite to favorite: FF X FF VII FF XII FF IX FF V


You know how kids talked about how the floor is "lava"? I wonder why so many childeren played that game? I know I played that as well, how about the #toids here? Or what imaginary game did you play as a kid?


I really love FF and SE. I can't wait for Kingdomhearts 3 But this is true :P


I hear kids complain these days how hard the current games are like Dark Souls 3. They never had the pleasure and pain of playing this game >_<


That feeling when you have finally weekend but you're too tired to do anything... perhaps I'm getting old? :P


I was searching for some steam games and I came across this. Have to say it is... "Unique" still debating whether I should get it or not. credits of the video goes to *Professor Berkley*


Lmao what is up with the anime: To be Hero? Seriously? Still funny as hell *Credits goes the uploader* EmoKayGeeZA


When someone tells me people used to be more social


How I become friends with people...


I was thinking about it how I should introduce myself. Somehting witty. But I gave up on that... I'm not witty enough to say something funny, so instead I just say hi for now 20 different times :D *Credits of this video goes to: Wah!Banana*


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