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Despite the ups & downs this year, it was actually a good year for me. Didn't accomplish all my goals that I set but I did unlock some archievements in this game called "life" :P Anywayz guys a bit early but a happy new year!


What kind of gamer are you? #2 for me


Yeah seems right to me :)


Which I keep telling people and yet they keep hanging with me :P Neh joke I don't have friends... *sits in corner*


@ the #toids with 2017 almost here, I hear most people around me talking about "new years resolutions" which are BS. But you can have goals of course :) So what goals do you have? Big or small doesn't matter, just curious :)


Who did this as a kid? Or still do? :P


Yesss! Who remembers this classic?


I've been playing Battlerite for a few days and although I suck at it for the moment I really like the game. It is fast paced and you fight either 2 vs or 3 vs in an arena pvp game. It is in early access. But you can check it out for yourself on steam :D


Well okay then... this can happen on xmas as well...


Happy Holidays everyone and that good things will come your way :) Here is Saber wishing you an merry X-mas!!


Soo this is happening. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4060440/Woman-reveals-love-ROBOT-wants-marry-it.html


All the jokes aside, the Simpsons is an amazing series. And funny as hell but it does have moments like this which hit me right in the feels.


I posted a question before. But I would like feedback on a game I have been developing. Here is the promo video. It will be on both android and on Steam. Let me know what you think. Also if you would like to help me as a beta tester that would be awesome!


There is always "that" person


With all the tracer is gay stuff and ppl are losing their minds over it here is something better :P


Im thinking about for a while now. I do want to share some some things of the game I am developing for feedback, but on the other hand... well let me know your thoughts about this. Is this the right place for showing some indie stuff? Or just post memes:P


Obvious the second one. But are there really people that act like the first one?


When you meet your best mate on the street


No serious who comes up with this stuff? And either someone is trolling everyone or these ppl are delusional :P Well paperfolder seems a pretty cool job


You know that people talk about having the best and most random thoughts under the shower? What shower thoughts do you have? If all :P


Not anymore, but when I was younger I really could rage about games when I died or stuff like that. Which game did you Rage(quit)first? Or still do? Mine was Yggdra Union on the GBA...


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