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Wow... a Herschel Walker ad on Dtoid... what a bummer.


I dunno what this game is but if anyone wants some weird indie game called Nuclear Fighters, I got it for free somehow and I’m not gonna play it. Key in comments.


Just got the platinum for Ghostwire Tokyo. What a great game that really that seems to be very underrated and unappreciated. It just gets better the longer you play it. Fun stuff. Helped to be isolating with Covid, but great regardless.


I was testing out PS Now today and you know what? The PS3 streaming is actually really good. I’m even more excited about the new premium service now. If I’m able to play Street Fighter 2 HD competently on a streaming service, I’d say it’s good eno


Today I realIzed why all this NFT shit looked so familiar. PSN avatars were ahead of their time.


My kid got me a clean pristine copy of 3D Dot Game Heroes for Christmas today. I done raised him right! 🥲


I feel the need to tell people that Watch Dogs Legion is surprisingly good? Like what a stupid game but very fun. Creating a gang of weird ass people, tasing cops, and riding on delivery drones is just right. Also it’s basically a modern AC game. $15 ye


Dang, looks about right. Played a lot of Modern Warfare and World at War. I pretty much earned all that Gamerscore on the 360. Those were some real good times. Good to be back with Xbox again and feeling good about the future of Xbox in general.


I just wanted to say holy fucking shit that Radiohead Kid A Mnesia Exhibition is a new kinda something else. I suddenly want every band/musician I’ve ever liked to work with the same team and make interactive music/art exhibitions. Whew. What a treat.


Is Tricerapops alright? Haven’t seen him post in a really long time.


With all of the half-assed, unfinished games these days, do you ever feel like retiring with all of the games in your library and just saying “you know what? I’m good with this.” ? Getting real close to that point soon when Elden Ring hits.


PSA: turn off depth of field in GTA Definitive Edition to get rid of the frame rate hiccups on PS5.


Everybody’s over here talkin’ about Metroid but I’m living the dream with Tales of Arise. I’m liking it more than DQ XI. Definitely one of the best JRPGs of the past few years. Also we had a baby girl over here. Been awesome 🤗 play Tales of Ari


I think I want to sell my PS5 and Series X. If anyone’s interested in paying retail plus the cost of shipping, I’m not trying to get rich on em. I just think there are probably people who want to play them more than I do lately. Connect in comments.


Was browsing an old PSM (Playstation Magazine Nov. 2000 issue) and saw a familiar name. Was it you Mike Martin??


Deathloop feels like a greatest hits of tired video game mechanics with an aesthetic that feels like it’s trying way too hard.


@Dangus Taargus I think you played Daxter not too long ago? Was it good? Have a PSP and eyeballing UMDs…


I started playing some Shantae games for the first time ever on PS5… nobody warned me they would make me horny! They’re also charming as hell. Great stuff so far.


Well I guess I’ll finally start playing Smash. That Kazuya trailer was funny as hell.


Who is this lady and why, Capcom? Just show the videos man.


Guardians of the Galaxy… all I can say is uhhh “yuck”? Whew.


Microsoft knows what’s up. This is how you show games. Don’t force a bunch of scripted junk at me. Just show me the games. Amazing shit right here.


That Devolver presentation was awful. Like, they’ve crossed over from witty satire to just another boring corporate presentation wanting to think it’s hip and edgy. The weird anger toward premium services just seems so childish. So far E3 is weird man


I think I might be getting old. Most upcoming indie games look like some stuff I just can’t get into. I appreciate that people are making their own things, but also I find a lot of them to be insufferable and always seem to be so depressing? Dunno man


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