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At 33 mins exact, Boon says 36 friendships dropping in Aftermath. With Shao Kahn, Fujin, Sheeva and RoboCop, the game only has 34 characters. Did he just tip hat at two more unlockable characters in Aftermath?


Bittersweet the WWE games are going on hiatus. Diminishing quality aside, they were always a favorite of mine to decompress with. There are diamonds in the ruff, like 2K14 and 19. Hopefully it comes back better. For now, my WWE plat journey is at an end.


Awwww yeah, release coming soon. Been waiting for this one.


WWE 2K20 is a garbage fire but I found the story mode in this one really sweet, with fun callbacks to the story mode in 2K19. Everyone likes an underdog story, and I think the team did a great job on this one particular piece.


PS5 Reveal 4/21/20.


Awwww yeahhhh, just got the email that I got into the Guilty Gear Strive Beta Demo. Heaven or Hell ya'll.


Going through the trophy sites and boards, nearly 30 Vita games have been released this year and it's only April. All of them indy mind you, but shows how much staying power Vita could have had with support and a slight redesign to use universal storage.


Is it too much to hope there is some rad cyborg genius out there willing to do whatever it takes to solve this current crisis? "We've won, it's over. We stopped the infection and closed the portal. But it's come at a price. Watch out for Demons. Ciao!"


Often the biggest PR disasters are simply a matter of managing expectations through order of operations. If Xbone had shown off it's abilities as a game console BEFORE all the TVTVTVSPORTSSPORTSSPORTSDRMDRMDRM, history may have been diff. Continued below.


Double Discount sale on PSN right now. Some killer deals. Snagged that semi not terrible new Terminator game for $15, and as jenky as shit as it is, WWE 2K20 Deluxe edition for sub $30 is just my price point for glitchy entertainment.


My Sekiro journey continues and man oh man, it keeps upping the bar and I believe I'm still early on. Genichiro, way of Tomoe is one of the coolest bosses I've ever played. He's the true hero of the tale, haha.


Well, played the FF7 demo and now I'm positive I'll just wait for the full game. It's just so condensed, and feels like a fanfic hack'n slash. None of that is bad, but I know the story and nothing screamed day 1 to me, especially so incomplete. Its ok tho


Man Sekiro is getting intense, but I'm liking it more and more. This fight was nuts, and even though it looks sloppy (because Im still bad and super sloppy haha) Im proud that I beat him on my legit first try. If all bosses are super slow Im golden, haha


Question for DS: if you could "trade in" your digital only games for credit, would you? Say they invented a system where they gave you 20% off what you paid for the game in e-store credit, but they deactivate your license from playing again, would you?


Spent 2 hours last night, still can't beat Sekiro's first boss. First. Not frustrating yet but man it's brutal. Kinda makes you wonder if choosing a game that will be inapproachable to many as GotY is really representing gaming's best. Just pondering.


Time has not healed one of last gens greatest wounds, Activision savaging High Moon and distorting them into a COD backup puppy mill. They deserved so much better, essentially being the only ones who took a Transformers game universe seriously. Thank you.


And DIII RoS for PS3 down. Took longer than Vanilla because of all the leveling. Annoying how little transfered. Next up Eternal Collection for PS4 and Ill be caught up a bit on my action rpg backlog, just in time to start Darksiders Genesis.


MK11 Spawn Gameplay Trailer on March 8th. Seems like a lifetime away but nice to have a date.


Poetic FF8 Musing. ***SPOILERS INSIDE***


My fellow gamers, has anyone played Orta on Xbone One or X? If so, how does it run? I bought an OG Xbox back in the day just to play this and I'm feeling that hankering again. I read it was compatible on the new systems but not a lot of details on it.


Welp, Vanilla DIII down, 3 weeks, 6 days. That 5 mil grind was kinda hell (get it), but was awesome to play a very classic, unpatched version of DIII. Didn't even have a mailbox yet, and the hardest difficulty was Master V. Next up, RoS PS3.


The Woburn MA GameStop I've been visiting for nearly 14 years is now closing. When I last visited, they were proudly displaying a corporate award for excellence on the door. This is going to be a rough year if GS can't make it to the new consoles.


Anyone else ever have dreams that they are a Wrestler? If yes, were you any good? It's a power trip to be the center of attention in the ring, until I remember I have no idea what to do or how the match will go. Ring general I am not.


Backlog update: nearly 8 years later, started playing Diablo III for PS3, the console port that arguably fixed the game by forgoing the awful auction house. Very impressed by how well the game aged, as well as how beautiful it still looks on a PS3.


Fine, fine. Okay fine. I'm in. Fine.


Heads up, PSN having an End of Year Sale for 835 games. Now enjoy a gorgeous pic I took from my bathroom window yesterday. #WashYoHands


30 years ago, Batman sent his death car to kill every last man, woman and child in Axis Chemicals for the greater good of Gowtham. He wasn't FN around. That's the Batman I grew up with. Can't wait to relive that moment courtesy of Lego this Christmas :)


After a long silence, God tier developer Vanillaware's 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim launches this week in JP. Famitsu gave it a 38/40, placing it among Vanillaware's best. Cannot wait for next year's localization.


You know something is legit when everyone is on the same page. Kudos to Remedy for their work.


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