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Review: Godzilla 1984

Being a Godzilla fan in America has long been, more or less, something of a crapshoot. Before DVD overtook VHS as the home video format of choice, America based G-Fans (the Godzilla equivalent of the terms “Trekkie” or &ld...


Death Comes for the Toymaker

I am EXTREMELY nervous about posting this. Partially, this is because what follows is a short story, and that's not really what these blogs are about. Mostly, however, it is because this short story was written to try and honor the passing ...


Giving Thanks: The Other Games

There are some games out there that just don't have the same mass appeal as your Call of Halos or your Madden's Creeds. These aren't your classic games, these aren't the favorites, these are the other games.these are the games nobody ...


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