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If Meta ever decides to completely freak everyone out with how powerful the data they've acquired/sold about all of us is, I hope they do it in a fun way. Like replacing the "people you may know" section with "people who look like you".


Unceremoniously firing a beloved senior editor and community member would certainly be featured in a listicle on how to take over and ruin a website with an established and tight-knit community. https://cohost.org/Speeeven


Good Direct. Super Mario RPG was the absolute highlight for me. I'm also more convinced than ever that we're getting a Switch 2 announcement before the end of 2023.


If a remake of Super Mario RPG gets announced at tomorrow's Direct, I will jump out of my own skin with excitement. Which is a shame, because if that happens, I probably won't live long enough to play it. I'm told that skin is important for staying alive.


Do you ever wonder if somewhere out there there's a long-forgotten idle game still going, never having stopped from when you last stopped playing it? If that were the case, are you still playing it?


I just fulfilled my fantasy of sheepishly telling people I won't do karaoke all day, then killing it with Frank Sinatra's "My Way" as the very last song of the night. I don't do karaoke. This was a once in a lifetime exception


I was flipping through the May 1997 issue of Nintendo Power (like ya do) and saw this in their Nintendo Power awards. Shadows of the Empire had a better story than Super Mario RPG? Puh-leeeeeze.


Not mine, but too good not to share.


Wow, Humble Choice is pretty darn good this month.


Oh heeeey looks like Metroid Fusion is coming to Switch Online Expansion Pass on March 9. Neat!


Welp, I feel pretty happy. Got $100 in eShop credit from Costco for $80, then used that to buy Nintendo vouchers. Basically getting Tears of the Kingdom for $70, and another full-priced game later on for $10!


Yup, that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC 4 tease was all I needed to see. I'll take one of those, please.


Had parotid gland surgery this morning. Now I have a huge tough guy scar down my neck. I'm going to tell people it's from a knife fight.


Dammit, why are Utz cheese balls so good?


I'm not sure if we're sharing our list of completed games or just top 10's, but I've been keeping track of all the games I finished this year, so you're getting that anyway!


Finished my platform playthrough of Mega Man 1-11 + Mega Man & Bass. Finally finishing Mega Man 11 feels good. I hope the rumors of Mega Man 12 being in development are true.


It's always funny to me that the main reason to get excited about the Game Awards is because there will be new game trailers and announcements. Imagine if the Oscar ceremony was run the same way with movie announcements? Pic unrelated.


A Christmas Story Christmas was surprisingly good. I have always loved the original movie, and I was going into this one expecting to hate it. I was pleasantly surprised!


Glad I decided to play through the classic Mega Man series. I realized I never played (or at least finished) Mega Man 10!!!


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Final Fantasy VII spoilers in the comments.


Finally finished Chapter 5 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 last night. Brief thoughts in the comments.


I think Destructoid is in here somewhere... (I'm not actually upset. I understand that the good people who run this site don't have a lot of control over ads)


Didn't try Vampire Survivors until tonight. Got past the 20 minute mark in the library on like my fourth or fifth overall run. This game is like a slot machine that constantly pays out.


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