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Top 10 Hidden Gems Of The 7th Generation Of Video Game Consoles.


Top 10 HIdden gems of the 7th Console generation


With the 7th console generation almost completely abandoned I thought that it would be best to look back at some of the games that didn’t get anywhere near enough exposure.

Keep in mind this isn’t a popularity list just a list of games that I played and either didn’t do so well financially, critically or both.


#10 Asura’s Wrath

A great rhythm based beat em up Asura’s wrath may have had its shortcomings, not to mention an abysmal ending that required you to pay $7 if you wanted to see the rest, but it was overall a satisfying experience with a unique art style and loveable characters. 


Total copies sold: 680,000

#9 Split/Second


A racing game that lets you alter the race track by gaining momentum, why didn’t this game sell again? Oh right it was published by Disney so most people thought it would be terrible. The game offers a great sense of challenge and plenty of unlockables for replay value. Also even though it came out in 2010 the servers are still up, and people are still playing. Seriously people buy this game.

Total copies sold: 1.5 million


#8 G-Force.


Speaking of games published by Disney this awesome Action PLatformer developed by now defunct studio Eurocom is one of my favorite movie games ever. You play this watered down version of the movie with a paper thin plot, but who cares; I don’t. The stealth mechanics and platforming are awesome. Even the combat is fun and engaging. Think of it as Gears of war for kids. It’s such a shame that people probably just glanced over it and thought it was terrible. It never had a chance.

Total copies sold 390,000 (Ps3, and 360 versions only)


#7 Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed:


My favorite Racing game of the 7th console generation ; yes even better than mario kart 7, and 8. The game had so much content to unlock and the variety of gameplay with your transforming vehicles was an absolute blast.

Total Copies Sold: 1.543 million copies


#6 Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins Of The Moon:


I was never a big fan of post-apocalyptic fiction, said for Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Fist Of The North Star, but this game really was incredible. Since the Nintendo Wii couldn’t render HD graphics, or a high frame rate this game compensated for it with a unique, well told story and exploration , over fighting hordes of enemies. Total Copies Sold: 370,000 units


#5. Spec-Ops: The Line:


A masterfly told story about the horrors of war this alternate take on the Military shooter genre sold badly, most likely because of lukewarm reception. Unlike many other games on this list I actually can understand why this game got the reviews it did. The story is incredible but it lacks replay value and the multiplayer was tacked on garbage.

Total Copies Sold: 1,200,000


#4. Radiant Historia:


My All time favorite Atlus game I would go as far as to say it is Even Better than Persona 4, and Chrono Trigger. A time travel story with a loveable cast of characters and over 60 hours of gameplay. The game was released twice, once on NIntendo DS, and once on 3DS, but sadly it never took off.

Total Copies Sold: 300,000 (DS) 50,00 (3DS)


#3 X-Men Origins Wolverine Uncaged Edition:


One of the best hack N slash games that is not God Of War; Wolverine Origins Uncaged Edition is one of the most memorable Movie games Ever. Though there were some glitches that annoyed me, such as when an enemy through me outside of the play area forcing a reload. The sheer length of the game (around 10-12 hours) and amount of fun gore made this an exceptional title.

Total Copies Sold: 1,560,000




#2 I Am Alive:

A post apocalyptic survival game that doesn’t involve zombies;this should be interesting.

I Am Alive is one of those rare games that almost never gets talked about, but I’ve never come across anyone that doesn’t like it. While your not going to be blown away by its production values, and the ending leaves much to be desired; I am alive is a great compilation of platforming, survival, and exploration. It’s just a shame that indie developer darkworks studios went defunct back in 2011, so the odds of us seeing a sequel are slim. Hopefully Ubisoft will one day take a look back at this game and give it another chance.



#1 Singularity:

A First Person Shooter with Time manipulation that doesn’t rely on bullet time like slow motion, and uses time travel to enhance the story not just as a gimmick *cough Timeshift cough*. This was my favorite Sci-Fi first person Shooter of the 7th generation and could have easily been franchised if the higher ups at Activision put any of their resources into advertising for it properly. The game was scraped at one point and Developer RavenSoft was only given 10 months to make it again from the ground up. Despite the odds against it, it was still a really fun game. This only goes to show how talented the people at Raven are. It’s such a shame that Activision is using them to do nothing more than work on Call Of Duty now. I hope someday we get either a sequel or the original version that was shown off at E3 2009. It’s just a matter of time.

Total Copies Sold: 650,000

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