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Call Of Duty World At War Director's cut


World At War Director's cut



Of all the games in the Call Of Duty franchise's history, Call Of Duty World At War is the one Call of Duty game that I would like to see remastered the most. But then I thought, why settle for a simple remaster when there is so much more that can be done with modern technology?

Going to World At War's Wiki page for cut content, you can find that much of what the devs had planned for in the 2008 game was scrapped due to either time constraints or the technical limitations of the seventh-gen consoles.

My ideal remake for World At War would be a graphical upgrade of the campaign for the ninth gen consoles and PC with much of the cut content, including levels, weapons, and even possibly cut multiplayer maps- provided the developers would go all out with this remake, and remaster the multiplayer as well.

With Raven Software supposedly working on a Call Of Duty campaign of their own and given the excellent job they did with The remaster for Call Of Duty 4 and the campaign for Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, I think that they should be given the honor of remaking this game.

Add in some new songs from the composer of the original game, Sean Murray, and you have a remake that I can see plenty of people willing to buy.

Given that all four zombie maps for World At War have been remastered already, I don't think it would be necessary to incorporate those into the remake, though it would be a nice bonus.

With the limited information given about some of the cut levels in the Wiki, I will attempt to fill in the blanks with my imagination to create my ideal stories based on what is known about them.


According to the Wiki, this level would take place before the first level and show how the Japanese captured your player at the beginning of the game.

You play as an unnamed marine awakened by an officer who tells you, you are low on ammo and awaiting reinforcements after repelling the first wave of enemies, the second wave of attacks. The player either runs out of ammunition, or a timer runs out when he is warned of someone behind him, and the player is decapitated from behind, killing them, with the screen going dark.

That sounds like a great way to start the game; Make it so that you feel hopelessly outnumbered at the beginning; that way, when the first mission, Semper fi, Starts, you feel as though the tables have turned when your fellow marines storm Makin Atoll.

This prologue mission could have set the mood for the rest of the game.

I love the mission Semper Fi in World At War, but we didn't get to see the enemy soldiers committing any atrocities outside of one POW who gets his throat slit after being repeatedly beaten by the Japanese officer whose superior burns a cigar in his eye.

I'm not saying the game needs to feature prolonged sequences of torture. However, showing more of the enemy's brutality would cement them further as people you want to see defeated.


Taking place right before 'Hard Landing,' this mission would focus on aerial combat.

You play as the pilot in the plane that the Japanese booby trap in that mission.

After taking out a significant number of Japanese planes and ships, your plane has taken heavy damage. You land in the jungle, hoping to meet up with your teammates, only to be ambushed by the Japanese as they kill you and lace your body with explosives.


There were plans for three levels that took place in Rhineland, an area in western Germany near the Rhine, a major European river.


You play as a French resistance fighter infiltrating a German compound in this mission. You and a small team are tasked with rescuing civilians from being killed by German forces,


This would be primarily a snipper mission where you aid your allies by sniping Enemies from across the river.


Belgian, British, and American forces assist you in pushing the German troops back east.


Two more missions that were going to take place in Berlin were scrapped.


The German Volssturm, a group of mainly civilian militia, fight against the invading Russian army.

The mission starts as you play as a German Civilian who bands together with his friends to defend Nazi Germany during the final days of the war.

You leave your wife and child as you promise them to return.

The mission will show things from the sides of the German civilians who were forced into the war against their will.

This is meant to humanize the enemies.


The World War two equivalent to 'No Russian,' this mission would have to play as a small group of renegade Russians going on a killing spree and killing the remnants of the Volssturm. Innocent civilians get caught in the crossfire as you massacre hundreds.


Although not part of the original game or a scrapped level idea, I would love to see a level dedicated to Iwo Jima. Incorporate the soldiers raising the flag on the island of Iwo Jima on February 23rd, 1945.


A Few weapons I thought would be cool to see added to World At War would be the following.

  • Grease Gun

  • Luger

  • Model 1912 Shotgun

  • Remington model 11 12gauge Shotgun

  • Hino–Komuro M1908 pistol

  • Machetes (Multiplayer cosmetic only)

  • Katanas (Multiplayer Cosmetic only)

  • Type 97 heavy tank machine gun


2008 was a long time ago, and many improvements have been made to the Call Of Duty formula since World At War came out.

I thought the developers could add the slide mechanic from later games. For example, you will perform a slide when you push the crouch button while running instead of crouching.

Also, implement the function from Black Ops: Cold War, where you quickly press the reload button twice to detonate an explosive.

This would save you a few seconds from switching your gun to your detonator.

Add to this improved enemy AI, and you have a campaign that feels both old and new at the same time.

As for the multiplayer, there was a scrapped fourth Killstreak that Treyarch was planning to add; however, it was scrapped for some reason.

According to the Wiki, the fourth killstreak would have varied depending on your team.

They are listed as the following:

  • B-17 Flying Fortress. For the U.S. Marine Raiders, the B-17 would have been the fourth kill streak able to be obtained.

  • Katyusha Rocket Launcher. For the Red Army, vehicle-based Katyusha Rockets (visible in many missions) would have been obtainable.

  • Kamikaze. Kamikazes would have been obtainable as the fourth killstreak for the Japanese.

  • Carpet Bomber. For the Germans, the fourth killstreak would have been bombers, perhaps Fw 200 Condors (as seen in the pilot mission of the Russian campaign).

I can understand why the developers did not want to implement this feature, as it might make the game harder since you may want a kill streak that is unavailable for your team.

I would make it so that the fourth kill streak does the same thing regardless of what team you are on;

Just make it a cosmetic difference.


When Bethesda allowed console players to add mods to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Skyrim, some fans were ecstatic.

I can see it being a gesture of goodwill for the dev team to let console players play with the mods that PC owners of the game made.

Also, have an extensive customizability options list.

  • **A gore meter-**Implement the ability to choose how much gore you want in the game. Set the amount of on-screen gore you wish to see from low to high.

  • **A classic visual and gameplay mode-**Enables you to choose if you want to play the game with the visuals from 2008 and use the new or old gameplay features.

  • **Fidelity mode and performance mode on consoles-**Choose between 30 FPS 4K visuals and 60 FPS 1440p visuals for ninth-generation consoles.

  • Cheats- The original World At War had 13 death cards that you could pick up. There was one in each level (Except for the vehicle levels where you were in a tank and Airplane), and acquiring them unlocked cheats in the online co-op campaign. Maybe adding cheats to the single-player campaign, such as infinite ammo and paintballs, would be cool.


It should go without saying, but I don't want there to be any microtransactions in the game. Given that the majority of the microtransaction money Call Of Duty makes comes from Warzone, I think Activision could afford to make a Call Of Duty game with no microtransactions.

It would be a great way to garner goodwill from long-time and new fans who want to play a modern multiplayer game with no extra monetization assets.

This is probably not going to happen anytime soon. However, there is some hope for future Call Of Duty remakes now that Microsoft is in the middle of Purchasing Activision. Maybe they will give us something creative. After all, they canceled Call Of Duty 2023 for quality control, so maybe just maybe, they care enough about this franchise to want to return it to its former glory. A fan can hope, can't they? A fan can hope

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