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This one gives me old-school Opeth vibes. I'm not totally sold on the sax here. Maybe it will grow on me, but I liked it better in Blast Inc. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


A lot of musicians are now having their music sold as NFTs without their permission. (The post is from Adam Neely referring to his band Sungazer suddenly showing up on a NFT site without his involvement.) NFTs are a cancer that need to die.


Update on Shoulder-Blades-Gate, it looks like Mihoyo is saying the shoulder-blade removal is a bug and they are going to fix it. So at least for now it seems this is not a censorship issue after all.


Whelp, looks like the "new" Genshin Impact outfits may have been just the first wave of censorship. They have now removed Ningguang's shoulder blades from her event costume for all regions. I really hope it's just a bug, but I am doubtful at this point.


I just had a mind-blowing realization while in the shower that unfortunately only Genshin Impact players will appreciate. Diona's Cryo Damage ascension stat isn't a meme anymore now that Shenhe exists. More in comments.


I guess I can't complain about my luck anymore. I was just building pity in preparation for the Zhongli re-run. But 34 pulls I somehow got Shenhe, Xiao, Jean, and Yun Jin. On the downside, I don't have pity and might have to skip Zhongli yet again ...


I'm really enjoying the current Genshin Impact event. I would be totally fine if they just permanently replaced the Spiral Abyss with this.


The Boys Season 3 starts June 3rd! Can't wait!


New Genshin Impact code (may be time-limited, so claim quickly): 9BPCJCQGHAWZ


More weird censorship from China. It seems they are "redesigning" the outfits for several Genshin Impact chars (CN on the left, original on the right). For other regions it's an optional skin but for CN servers it will be a permanent change.


The graphics options for FF7:R on PC are pretty sparse. It's rather disappointing. Hopefully modders will rescue this.


Seems like there was some interest in colors we can't see, so here's a vid I watched a while back which explains it. (Basically, our brain maps our 3 RGB cones to colors, but some animals have way more than 3 types, so their map must look way different).


Whelp, looks like Cowboy Bebob live action is cancelled after just 1 season. Apparently viewership tanked (hehe) hard after the first week. Can't say I'm surprised; when will Netflix learn?


New (I think) Genshin Impact code: ETNU2DN5NZRR


New Genshin Impact Promo Code: BSPD3ZRXU985


The Genshin Impact 1 year Anniversary is turning out to be disappointing (but not unexpectedly so). The silver lining is that the Luxurious Sea Lord is a real weapon.


Finally, my bad luck pays off! I managed to get my Xingqiu to C6 without ruining my pity by getting Kokomi. (I also got my Rosaria to C5 even though I don't have much use for her right now.) Seriously, other than Kokomi the banner is actually great.


Yes! My first 36 star Abyss clear ever! Floor 12 took multiple passes to 9-star (I definitely still cannot get all 9 in a single run), but at least I can finally say that I've beaten the hardest content in the game.


I admit, I was a little underwhelmed with Raiden to start. But holy crap, the "Raiden National" team is super fun to play in the Abyss. You just need to ensure your energy recharge is high enough to keep everyone's burst up.


Finally, R5 Catch. That was probably the most effort it ever took to get a free weapon thus far. The fishing is kind of relaxing, but man it takes way too much of it.


To my surprise, I'm finding that Barbara's skill works great with Ayaka's burst. Since Ayaka's burst has a narrow AOE, Barbara's skill ensures you won't apply hydro on them (thus freezing them) until they get close enough to you to get hit by the burst.


Pulled for Raiden Shogun and I only had to get C10 Xiangling to get her. This is my 4th 50/50 I've lost. I guess I don't understand probability because I would have thought I would have at least won once by now. #saltybets


Mihoyo is really messing up the Inazuma characters. After the disappointing Yoimiya, it seems that Baal cannot trigger Beidou's lighting during her burst. Kokomi is also looking bland, so pretty much everyone other than Kazuha has been kind of meh.


Genshin Impact 2.1 leak: "reduced the weight of Kairagi and Nobushi". If true, then Venti can pull them now. Is there a word for the opposite of "power creep?" It seems like they are determined to keep the OG chars stronger than the new ones.


Boom! Last challenge completed. Most of them were fairly straight forward, but that last one was really tough. I won with literally 1 second left on the timer (after many attempts).


Holy crap, the Challenger difficulty was rough. I used up all the healing from the shrine and had to make food just to heal my party. Thank god I pulled for Ayaka; there's no way I could have won without her burst.


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