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Finished Tunic. I didn't love it as much as I thought I would. The game is part combat and part puzzles, but neither was quite strong enough. The combat is clunky, and the puzzles get very tedious near the end. Cool concept, but execution fell short.


So anyone have any new favorites after the patch 1.04 buffs? I've been really enjoying Eochaid's Dancing Blade. It was already good pre-patch, but now you can roll out of it before the follow-up slash. The non-charged version is super practical now.


Woah, Elden Ring path 1.04 just dropped and they buffed a ton of magic and weapons. Of particular interest to me is that a bunch of weapons can now be rolled out of during their skill. For example: Eochaid’s Dancing Blade. I can't wait to try it out.


Ok Genshin Impact. You have Booba Sword, you have Geo Daddy, but why the hell would you do this and not give us a playable Taroumaru? This is a money-printing opportunity you are leaving on the table!


Thus concludes the world's longest Elden Ring playthrough ever. I clocked in at about 220 hours. Overall, a masterpiece and a game-changer for open-world design. I'm not sure if it's going to top Bloodborne for me, but it's definitely a competitor.


As I feared, post-Malena Elden Ring is kind of anti-climatic. I beat Maliketh solo and it's like "bro, only one health-bar, no healing? Go home you're drunk."


Malenia, Blade of Miquella has to be the hardest Fromsoft boss ever. Even cheesing her with a summon and then shooting her from afar is hard. My summon just ended up healing her because it took so much damage. When it died she had regained full health!


Whelp, that's Mohg Lord of Blood down. I didn't summon, but I also can't exactly say I won with honor. My strat in the comments.


Elden Ring animated. I thought it was funny.


Holy hell, I finished Ranni's questline in Elden Ring last night and what a journey. There is a more linear path like a traditional Souls game, and it is amazing where it goes. The fact that this is all just side content in a bigger game blows my mind.


Some Youtube thumbnails on my front page have Elden Ring spoilers. I gave up Twitch because everyone is playing it, now I'm going to have to give up Youtube too?


Woot, finally beat the first "real" boss "the hard way" (with no summons or ranged weapons). The feeling is better than sex.


I posted a quick blog with some easy things I did to improve Elden Ring PC performance. It won't work miracles, but it did help me out. Hopefully it will be useful to some.


I woke up and immediately uttered the words "Elden Ring." Not even a sentence, just the words.


36-stared the Spiral Abyss again with less rage and alcohol this time. The most irritating thing was having to swap teams for the last chamber. I died on the second half of 12-2 many times trying to get my Raiden team through without any Cryo.


This will get deleted at some point, but Ayato footage is now out in the wild. The leaks seem to have been correct. He is an on-field hydro sword user. I like how he has a similar style to Ayaka (since they are siblings).


I was in a mood last night due to various factors (annoying neighbor, physical injury, stress) so I blasted music and hate-grinded the Spiral Abyss. I achieved 36 stars for the second time (but man it was down to the wire).


This one gives me old-school Opeth vibes. I'm not totally sold on the sax here. Maybe it will grow on me, but I liked it better in Blast Inc. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


A lot of musicians are now having their music sold as NFTs without their permission. (The post is from Adam Neely referring to his band Sungazer suddenly showing up on a NFT site without his involvement.) NFTs are a cancer that need to die.


Update on Shoulder-Blades-Gate, it looks like Mihoyo is saying the shoulder-blade removal is a bug and they are going to fix it. So at least for now it seems this is not a censorship issue after all.


Whelp, looks like the "new" Genshin Impact outfits may have been just the first wave of censorship. They have now removed Ningguang's shoulder blades from her event costume for all regions. I really hope it's just a bug, but I am doubtful at this point.


I just had a mind-blowing realization while in the shower that unfortunately only Genshin Impact players will appreciate. Diona's Cryo Damage ascension stat isn't a meme anymore now that Shenhe exists. More in comments.


I guess I can't complain about my luck anymore. I was just building pity in preparation for the Zhongli re-run. But 34 pulls I somehow got Shenhe, Xiao, Jean, and Yun Jin. On the downside, I don't have pity and might have to skip Zhongli yet again ...


I'm really enjoying the current Genshin Impact event. I would be totally fine if they just permanently replaced the Spiral Abyss with this.


The Boys Season 3 starts June 3rd! Can't wait!


New Genshin Impact code (may be time-limited, so claim quickly): 9BPCJCQGHAWZ


More weird censorship from China. It seems they are "redesigning" the outfits for several Genshin Impact chars (CN on the left, original on the right). For other regions it's an optional skin but for CN servers it will be a permanent change.


The graphics options for FF7:R on PC are pretty sparse. It's rather disappointing. Hopefully modders will rescue this.


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