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Hey Dtoid! What Am I Playing? 2


Well it's been just a little bit less than a month since I started my grand adventure on Dark Souls and I've had a lot of fun playing it! I actually have Dark Souls 2 as well now thanks to a friend and can't wait to get to it. Eventually. Honestly I'm going to be Dark Souled out. It's a great series no doubt but I'll need a few months break before you see that in my list of which ten games am I playing. And honestly? After having let you guys choose and seeing how great this game is I'm excited to make this into a running series! So... here it is. Nearly same ten choices one new one, I've also had a really great time communicating with some of the Destructoid people while playing the game. Fenriff and SirDavies in particular are the one's that have appeared most often with Fenriff their supporting me nearly every episode and SirDavies there about every other. So thanks to the both of you =D. Tonich get's a mention for being there a bit as does RoboPandaZ whom was there once. But either way I feel I got to know you guys a tad more and you to know me.

But before we do give you the options... I have been saving my footage of Dark Souls 1, so it's a lot to catch up on before the finale if you're interested but... here's the playlist for it! In a second that is. Episode 21 may not be viewable to the United States of all places due to a piece of music I had in there, at pretty low levels. However I am trying to fix it so the song is just removed but I have been having some problems doing that so we'll see. Also I've had to fix a few so I need to make a playlist of music that won't have that problem. So probably lots of video game music and small people that way they get more well known. Germany in particular has blocked a lot and with Opium and Hoffman I did get those fixed in the off chance they wanted to watch.

So without further ado... the list for you to choose from what I will play! Now this will only be open until Monday at... 7 PM central. I plan to finish Dark Souls 1 Sunday so I'll need a new game. For those that are new I stream at 3 AM Central Time usually on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday after my fiancee has gone to sleep and stream for about 4 hours give or take. My Twitch profile is: http://www.twitch.tv/lokik21

It should also be mentioned that if I have previously started any of these games, I'm starting them over so the audience gets the full experience and not just half. Also if a game can't run I may... change the game.

1. Alice Madness Returns

Haven't played this series but heard it's pretty good so I am interested in it.

2. Beyond Good & Evil:

I do want to play this one but two things. It kind of has a mind of it's own when it wants to run and when it doesn't so that may make problems. 2. I need it in windowed mode for Twitch, so I can view the chat. It does look like there's a fix for it so that shouldn't be to bad.

3. Borderlands 1: I own this and the 2nd one but I'm a stickler for usually doing things in order so... BL1 does come first.

4. Deus Ex: A game series I did almost beat than lost my old save. Just put it off for nearly 6 years because of that but I do want to finish it.

5. Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion: I've played a very little bit of this game but have heard mixed things about it.

6. Far Cry 1: Yes it was Far Cry 3 last time, but as I said I prefer things in order. So I fixed it for this time.

7. Final Fantasy VII: From what I've heard a classic but from what I played until... I didn't see it. But... I'd be willing to finish it. Not playing through a game entirely does not give you all you need to know about a game. The Final Fantasy series is also excluded from the play in order rule, since most of them don't impact each other.

8. La-Mulana: A great game but a hard one. Sadly I'd probably need a guide for this. It's pretty damned confusing in all honesty.

9. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition: Another one with a good chance I may need a guide sadly. I will try without a guide first though.

10. Fallout 1: The original Fallout. Now that they've thrown in a patch it should be relatively easy to get this baby working. On a side not don't expect Fallout 3 or New Vegas. I have done those before I got Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics.

And with that Destructoid... I leave my fate in your hands.

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