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Reminder : Corrective Lenses C-Blog Contest (w/ video!)


Hey Destructoid, Snail here trying to remind you there's plenty of opprotunities for you to catch up on some community offerings, mainly contests, and win some free shit!

Yes, I know that Ceark usually updates his c-blog recap with reminders, and yes I know Yojimbo took over this week. The main reason why I'm posting is because I am actually helping to judge your entries!

That's right.. and you only have this weekend to submit your entry! So if you're waiting for the last day, or don't think you can beat out the competition, then stop smoking poppycock and get your noodle wet. I went ahead and reposted the rules and prizes for those who are still new to this.. after the video of course. I just wanted to share this with you, and maybe reflect on such an awful piece of cinema and dialouge, or quite possibly the best thing to ever make it to the tubes.

Cereally, the video is only one minute long. Click it.

Contest Rules
- One entry per participant.

- Entries will be accepted from 12am PST on March 1st until 11:59pm on March 31st.

- Entries must contain at least one image and link back to this post.

- Participants must PM me with a link to their entry; I will not be held responsible for missed posts.

- Entries will be judged by a panel based on the following criteria:
1. Entertainment Value: You story can be funny, or heartwarming or anything you like but it must entertain the judges.
2. Writing Skill: Use proper grammar and punctuation. Failing to do so will not outright disqualify you but poorly written posts are at a considerable disadvantage.

- Winners will be announced on April 3rd.


First Prize: A T-shirt of winner's choice from the Destructoid store.

Second and Third Prize: A Destructoid beanie

Runners-up (3): A Destructoid sticker pack.
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