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Open Discussion about Video Games

Come on in, the atmosphere is dank with nerd joy.

Alot of stuff has been happening this year, mainly to bring the best games on time for Summer. I know there's been alot of impressions, rants, and previews, and this could certainly fit well in the forums, but I have alot to say.

Games I'm playing

First off : TOO MANY GAMES! Currently for the Xbox 360, I gamefly'ed The Club and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (sweeeeet) with Lost Oddesy and Resident Evil : UC coming to the house. I'm still trying for that seriously achievement (2000 kills away) to prep myself for Gears 2. Ikaruga has been kicking my ass on repeat, and for those who haven't picked it up or figured it out : Dark Sector blew. Oh and the new COD4 maps are phenomenal. When the crap will Killhouse be used to gain XP? (COD4 blog coming, I swears.)

On the Wii, I've been having a blast. I downloaded Link to the Past and Super Metroid. I play these alot when I'm not on Brawl, and today you need to download River City Ransom. We can hop on XBL, play at the same time and pretend we're online with each other.. and stuff..

And finally, I purchased a DS. I mainly bought it for the woman, and got her Prof Layton and Pokemon Diamond. Except.. I picked up pokemon, and I'm straight hooked. 107 pokemon with 7 badges in 40 hours. I tend to play inbetween deaths in Gears.. yeah now my fiancee hates me. I just have to buy a seperate DS I guess..

Games I want to play


That is all I can think of. From the co-op to the deathmatch, and even some healthy competition for our competing brands of gaming goodness : Sony and Microsoft. There's enough hooker slapping for everyone, please don't be like Wardrox.

Also, Mortal Kombat vs DC. To the haters, I say let go of the past. All the people that don't care for this game seem to be MK fans, and all the people who busted a nut want to finally have a Batman vs Superman game. I'm the latter, and I simply cannot understand all the negativity. For more on this, see Butmac. He sums it up in a way I could never replicate.

The Iron Man demo! YESSSS oh lord I had a blast. In fact, I played it four times just to master the flight controls and jet through the level as a certified badass. It seems more like a Mech game, maybe some Armored Core 4. The weapons were pretty simple and only a few were present, so hopefully the upgrades will provide some more diversity. Let's just hope it drops in price soon, hmm?

Games that shouldn't be played

I've been playing ALOT of Dreamcast too. Marvel VS Capcom 2 seems to be the only other fighting game I excel at besides Smash, even though I know I'm probably poop. Well there's alot of other games on the DC that other people suggested to me, and here I'll label some that you should stay very far away from.

Ooga Booga
Powerstone 2
Neo Geometix
Heavy Metal (Soundtrack is epic.. but.. a it's heavy metal game)
Psychic Force 2012 (so cheesy it should be good.. but it's not)
Dynamite Cop (Did you know if you use a light gun on an HD tv it doesn't work?)

All in all, it's been an eventful week away from the internet and into my gaming room. I don't have much else to say.. what are you guys mashing your thumbs to this week?
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