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News in Film : Get Smart Trailer & Toy Story 3

Hello Destructoid! I know how many of you are rabbid movie fans, and I was asked about this particular series of blogs that I discontinued. Well hopefully this is the epic return, because if I decide to continue this then it will be the only blogs from me you'll get to read. Lucky you!

I have been waiting for the release of this film for a long while now. I have anticipated the trailer and couldn't wait to see Steve Carrell's preformance, and I wasn't let down. The plot seems to me like it could fit very well as the origin of Agent 86, and I have enjoyed the humor so far. Here is Get Smart.

Another wonderful surprise would be Toy Story. There is a planned 2010 release of the third film of this now on going trilogy, but not only that, we'll be given an awesome 3-D version of both the original, and the sequel due in 2009. How about that? Pretty cool, I loved "you've got a friend in me" song.

Shut up, you guys used to be 10, get over it.

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