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I saw RiffRaff mentioning the Dangropna series on sale on steam in the forums. I quiet enjoyed one of the Phoneix Wright games. Would people here reccomend being the whole series while it is on sale? I'll explain better what I mean in the comments.


What are people opinons on replaying Deus Ex Mankind Divided? As in did they find it fun to do a replay later on? Its on sale with the season pass on psn for €6.47. I will get it regardless want yo try out the dlc just wondering.


Whats a game you felt did dark humour well even if for only little parts of the game? All I can think is Lisa a Painful Rpg,Stanley Parable, I guess maybe Binding of Issac/Meatboy


Finally finished Prey loved the game but is has a lot of clear flaws it was for sure a rushed game. Developers even confirmed that saying the ending was rushed a lot. I couldn't give it any higher then 8/10. Well worth its very cheap price now.


Finally finished Prey loved the game but is has a lot of clear flaws it was for sure a rushed game. Developers even confirmed that saying the ending was rushed a lot. I couldn't give it any higher then 8/10. Well worth its very cheap price now.


Hey just noticed something there. Ittle Dew 2+ got put back on the eshop. The thing I noticed is its way cheaper now. Only €12.50 for it not on sale. It was priced pretty bad compared to the steam verison before. Great little game glad to see it back th


Man the Persona 4 Golden Pc Port is fucking shit. And thats ignoring the screen tearing,cutscenes,online drm. Can't make it go close to my full screen or else the game immdedtialey crashes and closes. I guess I can still play the game mostly okay.


Happy Bday Bateman may you enjoy your whatever year your at now of backlog and age and I guess treat yourself to some new games not like you'll ever finsih your others I guess so why bother right. I mean money is just paper and games are games right.


What are peoples opinons here on D4 dreams don't die? Not much reviews for it found Chris Carters one he seemed to love it. Also anybody know how its pc performance is? Its down to €3.67 on gog now on sale. I know it doesn't have a ending mostly.


What are peoples opinons on playing Dyling Light Enhanced edition in single player only? Is it still fun and not too grindy or nah? I own the game but not played much of it. Most I found ahout how singleplayer is some random reddit/steam threads.


Whats a game you feel that really nailed being in space with all its zero gravity?Playing Prey and I find the parts being in space pretty good. Not used much and all but I appreciate that it actualy feels like your floating around especialy in places.


For those here that played LaLumana 1 or 2 can you explain to me what everybody means by its diffculity. Checked out some video reviews but still feel just as confused by it. I don't get what they mean by "old school diffculity" and that stuff.


Pretty much brand new to Hitman. Got 2 installed fully today anybidy got tips for killing Sean Dean easily in Miami. I am new so I have next to no unlocks. I just want to kill him he has a very killable face.


Our college doing more stuff to annoy people. Proudly announced that they will use our sports arena to house about 70 people to hekp with Covid so any students want to use the sports arena can go fuck off pretty much I guess. Just so sick of this shit


Been playing Prey recently and got me thinking whats your favourite jetpack or glide move in a game? I like Dishonoreds blink and you can't quiet do anything like that with Preys jetpack/glide but it does feel satisfying to use and useful imo.


I DEMAND SILKSONG NOW. Was fun to try and make a figure for the first time. Took wayyyyy longwr for me to make that then it looks like it did. Only had a knife my hands and a cutting knife to work with. Felt very relaxing to try to make it.


This is bugging me. Whats that name of that old weird game were if you keep asking NPC's the same dialogue options or stuff you should already know (e.g where are we?)I think its all set on rocket or one one mission I think it even got a new kickstarter


Maybe odd question. Saw Hitman 2 on the us psn with its dlc is $20. I have the trial verison of Hitmam 2 downloaded fully with all of Hitman 1 on it. This is for a europe account. If I buy the $2₩ US Hitman 2 do I still need to download everything again


Whats your favourite end credit sequence in a game? Was just thinking todays of Nier Automatas final end credit sequenece. Really loved that one and made me think I never actualy cared about any end credit sequence in any games I can rememember finishing.


Whats a game that you feel really nailed its dodge or parry mechanic in it? Played Builders 2 lately great fun but a huge shame to see they didn't even upgrade combat to have even a basic dodge button/shield or parry button/feature or anything like that.


God dammit our college sent out a email there saying the next academic year will be a mixture of face to face and more online learning. Really was hoping we could just go back to normal next semtser.


Own Odin Sphere Lefitsaur was just looking at it today and saw Vanillaware actualy already released a new game. Called 13 Sentientles Aegis Rim. Looks pretty intresting to me actualy. I don't really follow Vanilla Ware just the game popped up for me.


Trying to do some research for accesiable game controler designs and actualy never heard of Xbox's Adaptive Game Controler. Have a lot of issues with Microsoft but seeing a big company like that spend the time resources and money to make this was lovely.


Finished up Red Dead 2 the other day well I got to the epiplogue so pretty much finished. Went back to Prey had a playthrough about 22 hours in. Man Prey is so fun, I know it has its problems but I am loving it so far find it very addicting to go through.


Huh just learned there Jim Sterling plays a character in 2064 does voice acting for it. I don't mind him but being the honest the voice acting sounds crap just sounds like him talking really. Still cool to see that. Noticed the game from its switch sale


Has anybody here had internet providers give you way off figures for your internet usage of the month? We rang up there and they said we used 1Tb in a month but I mean our internet speed is 1mbps.7 of us sure but ita not like were downloading 80Gb games


Think I asked this beforr but whats your favourite genre mash up game and if you don't have one what would your dream genre mash up game be?


What's your favourite and least favourite joke said in a video game? Spoiler tags if needed of course please.


They announced the date for the Journeys End update for PC for Terraia May 16 2020. Seeing Concerned Ape commenting on it is pretty wholesome. Looking foward to it coming out at last.


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