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Sweet this game also got a release date today in a trailer. Its out April 12th and seems it will launch day on on Switch and Steam. I believe reception to its Steam Next Fest demo was very postive.


Oh sweet finally a release date of April 26. Game is looking pretty neat so hopefully it turns out well!


Humble Bundle has a new Boomerier Boomer Shooter bundle.Its a very nice one with a good amount of new games.Deadlink alone worth it, bundle is made up of Viscerafest The Citadel,Forgive me Father Deadlink,Graven,Wrath Aeon of Ruin,Nightmare Reaper,Impal


Man that is a complete suprise to see. Aparently the PC port of Last of Us Part 1 Remake is a disaster. With how big a Sony IP Last of Us I figured the PC port would be the bare mimimum especialy since it runs fine on weaker consoles.


Got to say after watching the Tear of the Kingdom Trailer I am left bored/unintrested. Was more hoping they would show and tell a bit about cool landmarks,dungeons,locations, characters or stuff like that then just combat and abilities.


And so begins Chris's reign of terror of 373839 weekly neat tips tricks and discoveries front page particles of BotW Tears of the Kingdom.


Don't know if anybody owns the game here but I just learned that Bonfire Peaks got a big paid DLC this month. From what I tried of it it is a nice chill puzzle game. Kinda a early access DLC and seems quiet big!I imagine Bonfire Peaks should be on console


YESSSSs release date for the Early Access launch of Shadows of Doubt for April 24th 2023. I was super impressed from the Steam Next Fest demo for this so I am really looking foward to this and its a day after my birthday so it will be a nice treat for me.


Old news now but the confirmed videogames for esports at the next Olypmic games the games are pathethic. Like cheap crappy mobile phone games. Wii sports has better games then it. Oh well videogames shouldn't be at a physical sport event anyway at all.


Finished A.I Sominum Files,while I enjoyed it I wouldn't say I really liked it. By the end the main murder mystery felt very flat and unrewarding. Felt like they wanted to make more of a character focused story then a intresting murder mystery story imo


I can't find reviews online yet but I saw some reviews just droppes for 9 Years a Shadow on you tube. Didn't expect any reviews on a Sunday. So far its reviewing pretyy well for them. I might pick it up myself tomorrow on steam. Such a pretty game.


With the front page list about best FPS games I though I would mention Deadlink since not much people are talking about it. Its a Early Access FPS Roguelite. Super fun so far. It has been getting very regular updates.You can combine items Risk Of Rain 2


Thats Vernal Edge done well worth a buy. I think I would rate it on the higher end of metrodivanias since the combat is a lot of fun and feels pretty different to a usual metrodivania combat and the game is mostly paced well without too much boring fluff


So they are making a new expanded release of a really underwhelming kinda broken collection? If this is not free DLC for the orginal release then that is pretty shitty.


Yoooo just figured out that voice actor narrator from Disco Elyisum voices the bonus boss P2 fight in Ultrakills latest update. Small thing but pretty cool, love his voice performance, hope to see him in more games.


Just saw this bundle on the gaming site fanatical, Patch Quest seems like a fun take on a roguelite and the bundle cost is cheaper then it on sale. Basically its a rogue lite where you capture enemies to ride them and use their unique moves and upgrades


I don't fully get what this is. I think maybe there was a Spike Chunsoft Japan onky game last year and this September its getting a English translation and dub for ps4. Lol at saying ps4 and only mentioning ps4 in the trailer nowadays and not ps5.


Very disappointing to hear Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Chapter 2 seems to recycle at least 75% of its locations from chapter 1 game. Also it came out on Quest in December and just came out today on steam, I didn't know it had been out that long.


YESSSSSSSSSS I tried the demo for this and it was sick, really cool immersive sim like game. I reckon this will be like Gloomwood in the sense this will be in early access for a long time but its great to get news on the game.


Very nice to see Tchia has been getting very good reviews and CJ reviewed here it on Destructoid too. It will be launching to play on PS Plus and on steam. Looks like a fun game! Should be out later today.


Well my supervisor came over to me and told me EHS people checked the noise level last Wednesday where I now work and it was withing their range.I said to him then I want to book appointment with the work nurse.He kept saying no, talk to EHS person tomorr


What are some of your favourite lookong indie pixel visuals and animations for a game. I remember Iconoclasts looking really nice when I played it.


This games does look quiet neat. Not a game for me purely just because I don't like turn based rogue lites but its turns based system seems intresting. The art direction,world and basic story seem very intresting. Your killed and in hell and want revenge.


Just heard of this game and it sounds super cool. Its basicaly a isometric game heavily inspired by Resident Evil 1/2 with a timeloop for it story and whenever you aim your gun the game turns into a first person arcade shooter/light gun shooter.


I wasn't mad about The Messenger mainly from its gameplay but with Sea of Stars being set in the same world as The Messenger I am hoping the magic shopkeeper from The Messenger pops up in Sea of Stars, he was gold in The Messenger.


This game is like 5 years old but I just heard of it and it sounds very neat. Basically seems like a Shump game but as a rogue lite game where your in closed in rooms which sounds like a pretty fun idea.


Just a remindee that a 7.5/10 is a pretty good score and its not a hate7/10. This should be obvious if people could do basic maths and percentages but it seems a lot of people are lacking in that area unforuntately.


Oh damn this is real and seems to be out now, looks really cool. Shame that there is barely any arcades left and I can't see a Arcade place spending €5,000 on a kinda niche arcade game sadly as fun as it looks.


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