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Short Story | The Giant

Hi there, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this - but this is a short story I have been writing over the last couple of days in my spare time. Criticism is greatly appreciated, and I hope you enjoy :)   The Giant Be...


My Self-Reflective Thoughts on Elden Ring.

Be wary of spoilers As I progress through the world of Elden Ring, I've finally began to sit back in my chair. I find myself circling the rims of Caelid and the Altus Plateau, and more and more I find myself saying "well that was unfar...


Review vs Retrospective

Think of your favourite game of all time. How good is it? Is it as good as it was the day it was released? Review vs Retrospective When you eat pizza, what part of the pizza eating process do you remember most fondly? The first bite, ...


What online games have you given up on Dtoid?

  And which hotfix broke the camel's back? In the age of the update, all of our favourite games are more temporary than ever. You begin to notice that you're having less and less fun every departure into your favourite online have...


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Howdy pardners, I'm Sam! I'm a video game man and I like to write shit in my free time. Might as well bring those things together right?
I'm passionate about reviews and wanna hone my skills! Please tell me what you think about my stuff :)

I'm a huge metalhead and I've played guitar for over 10 years. I also make pixel art!

I'm new to Destructoid, but I love this community so much already! Lots of amazing writers and hilarious articles. Stay glacial, Gourds B)

Some facts about me:
I'm a coffee devourer, I'm colourblind, and I'm part of the Sonic fanbase - I apologise profusely.