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I've been deep diving first person shooters where shooting is secondary to everything else (if that genre has a name) and I finally arrived at the father of them all, System Shock - god DAMN that hud is... something.


I applied for a pixel art internship at Yacht Club. Not confident I'll get it but it would be really neat!


Newest addition to my self-destructive habit that I can totally quit any time I want.


Don't worry guys I think he'll be JUST fine...




My life kinda fell apart, so I bought a Dreamcast and now this the typa shit I been on. Featuring my dusty wardrobe.


Been playing the hell out of Endless Dungeon as part of the Amplitude Insiders program recently - I haven't been able to put the thing down! It's so damn addicting, cannot recommend it enough.


Happy June Dtoid! How is everyone doing? Whats the haps???


Annual Sleeeves update: I treated myself to a cheapie ebay Vita and have begun my modding journey. What games should i cram into it!


Hey Dtoid! Checking in in what feels like months (ouch). Just got my work permit application for Canada sent off! Hopefully I hear back in the coming months and I can move out of this place. Needless to say I am beyond excited! How are all of you doing


Good Morning, can I offer you an egg pawn in this trying time?


I finished season 1 of Hunters last night and... what an impressively god-awful ending. Beyond disappointed with the direction they decided to go with this otherwise amazing show. Has anyone else watched? is season 2 worth a watch?


This morning I made tangible steps to cut myself from a toxic friend group. It's a strange feeling - like a weight has been simultaneously lifted, and another added on. How is everyone else doing today?


Welp, I did it. What an incredible game! I genuinely haven't been this invested and consumed by a game in some time. I can't hope enough for the other 2 to come next!


Vadicta duplicating themselves 400 times to keyboard warrior 1 dude.


And deeper into the Metroid hole I descend. Better learn how to bomb jump or I'll never get out!


Works was slow today so I wrote a short story. Go check it out in Blogs if you get 10 minutes to spare! :)


Happy Friday everyone - Hope you all have a good weekend!


Most of you probably knew this already - but TIL Samus actually performs the hand gesture symbols to switch beam weapon. You can see it with the X-Ray Visor! I love this game more and more every day


What are yalls thoughts on my next potential life-ruining purchase? I kinda wanna have kids with this thing but I'm also hyper broke.


So I played the christ out of Metroid Prime Remastered over the weekend - and as someone who never owned a Gamecube, never mind played the original - what an outstanding piece of art. I haven't loved something so thoroughly in a long time. Go play Metroid


Let's see how posting this works lmao. Work was super slow today so I made a tierlist of literally every single pokemon before Scarlet/Violet.


Alright, I think NSO+ is finally worth the money. Right after I decided to buy it too!


So I caved and got the NSO Expansion pass, but I got the family plan and I got the gang piggy back on it (You can have up to 8 people on 1 subscription!). In completely unrelated news - I started my first playthrough of Majora's Mask! I am loving it!


I've been getting back into music theory recently, so fuck star signs - what major mode do you identify as?


Not sure what yall are talking about, but this is the clear top waifu


If anyone is into jazz, or looking to get into it - Julian Lage's latest album is really worth a listen. Its the kind of music that inspires me while also making me want to quit playing guitar forever lmao.


Pulled this stunner last night, one of my favourite card arts of all time! Considering getting it graded although I know nothing about that.


Bought a copy of Yoshi's island and Mario Kart Super Circuit for my custom GBA. I missed this whole generation, so it'll be a fun escapade!


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