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Shadow of the Jank - a review

So, I'm just off finishing the Shadow of the Colossus HD, yes the one for PS3. While other folks are bathing in clear waters of 60fps fluidness, covering themselves with a snow white foam of 4K visual goodness, I'm still...


Labo? Seriously?!

Yesterday we've all witnessed one of the weirdest announcements in video game history. I seriously cannot think of anything that comes close to the bizarreness that the Nintendo's Labo is. If you're not caught up on that watch the vide...


12 games I've enjoyed the most in 2017

  Here we go. My personal list (in no particular order) of best gaming experiences in the year 2017. Now, it is NOT the best game of 2017 list. There are games old and new on here and I find it interesting to put them side by si...


Metal Gear Solid - meeting the legend

How does one approach meeting a legend for the first time? Does one just bow in respect without any reconsideration? Or does one go in blind, no expectations, no assumptions to evaluate whether it rightfully deserves the praise? ...


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Started long ago on my friends Pegasus (a NES counterfeit) playing Mario and Road Fighter. Atari 2600 came next (I know living in a post-comunism country was weird like that) and then shooting aliens in Doom and drifting in Screamer Rally on a 486 PC. Borrowed the original PlayStation a couple of times and decided to go Dreamcast when had to pull the trigger. Loved it to pieces. Xbox, Nintendo DS and X360 soon followed. Nowadays rocking a Nintendo Switch though I still use my 3DS a lot. Never abandoned PC since it's the only place to get your hardcore sim-racing fix. Respect every platform big and small. Recently bought a PS3 to satisfy my Sony exclusives needs on the cheap.

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